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Muddled Times Rediscovered!
Posted by Kaif on 23-02-2013 at 17:00

Past issues of the Muddled Times were found interred in a remote section of the land near the Library of the Ancestors. These issues can now be found in the forum via a tenuous link to the past.

Rumour has it that an intrepid adventurer using a special tool and carrying a certain item unearthed them. Who knows what else might be buried out there (and is that what those shovels are for)? Here are a few rumours from past issues (as well as some new rumours heard recently around the Land):

Rumour Has It (courtesy of Havoc) Pony taking you for a ride? Time to kick the habit and fly like the wind?. ?that the weight of wafers is important. ?that a lot of things you can wear have special properties. ?that long armed weapons are more effective against sea life.

Recent rumours: ?that non magic users can create their own glow and repair their own weapons -- if they just know where to look. ?you can fight with the dragon and live to tell the tale? Some cultures celebrate New Year by the lunar calendar. Gifts of fruit are offered as symbols of prosperity in the year to come. Could that be true of such gifts in the Land as well? ?that a certain piece of attire can also be used as a weapon.

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