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New Rumours
Posted by havoc on 02-07-2015 at 08:41

This just in. New rumours!

Wow. Drinking can be a killer habit. Right before the crash you'll have tremendous strength!

What's with the highlifes sneaking around and fastidiously cleaning their amber jewelry? It's such a snoozefest!

Who knew that potioneers were in such high demand? Ironically, you end up with the greater of the two evils. I raise my wine glass to the folks the have figured out the correct dosages!

I've overheard some crowing about how easily they got to the golden fabric. There will be no flying into a panic if you put the dark-eyed defender to sleep.

Did you ever have a sack of tin that you needed to close the lid on? Pick over it some and you'll double your investment.