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Retrospective of a mortal reset
Posted by havoc on 07-07-2015 at 08:42

We made it. We also got a little "help" from a late joiner. This is Meg, Kennymck, and I discussing it afterwards. Warning: it's blatant spoiler-free but does mention things that are possible...

Elizabethan tearoom.


Havoc the warlock=


The house named "MR" has the following description:

"Death to trinkets!"

*Kennymck the necromancer has just arrived.

*Kennymck the necromancer waves.


OK, Havoc the warlock waves.

*Kennymck the necromancer exclaims "i shgowed how rusty i am!".

*Meg the necromancess has just arrived.

*Meg the necromancess waves.

*Meg the necromancess nods.

*Kennymck the necromancer waves.

*Meg the necromancess says "it took us too long".

*cg pla

Havoc the warlock congratulates you.

It's not the same as when someone else does it, is it?

(-7 = 51,731).

You congratulate Kennymck the necromancer.

(-7 = 51,724).

You congratulate Meg the necromancess.


OK, Havoc the warlock grins.

*Meg the necromancess says "but it was a bit action packed..hehe".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "yeah".

*Meg the necromancess says "i missed the mortal reset message altogether".

*Meg the necromancess says "nice post btw :P".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "obvously".

*say I think you both need some coaching. :D

*Meg pulls up a chair

*Kennymck the necromancer exclaims "i have no argument with that!".

*Meg harrumph


OK, Havoc the warlock grins.

*Meg the necromancess says "who left who in the gfc".

*say Ohhh! That's what you meant about getting stuck in the dwarfs.

*Meg the necromancess says "i wasted a lot of time fighting dws from inside the citadel".

*say Sorry!

*Meg the necromancess nods.

*Meg the necromancess says "you took the baton and resited".

*say That's painful.

*say I autopiloted that.

*say I figured you would just exit it while it was in the hallway. Sorry.

*Meg the necromancess says "i guess i could've waited til gfc went somewhere else".

*Meg the necromancess says "took me awhile to find the top..wish i'd had it on me".

*Meg the necromancess says "sokay, at least we made mortal reset..hehe".

*Meg the necromancess says "it could've been worse".

*Kennymck the necromancer asks "how long did you and secondlook take?".

*Meg the necromancess says "it took us until almost the end of a reset".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "and i would like to say i dont think pikachu was acepted in MR so i probably missed a lot of messages".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "all up we could do SO much better".

*Meg the necromancess says "yeah, wasn't sure".

*say Hmm. I didn't think you'd applied.

*Meg the necromancess says "we need a strategy".

*Kennymck the necromancer tells you "i did just as i jpoined the set".

*Kennymck Sorry!

*Meg the necromancess says "gobs first was a good strategy".

*Kennymck the necromancer asks "do we know rxactly how much T needs to go?".

*say 10k maybe?

*Meg the necromancess says "yes, we had a was around 5k for the 2 of us".

*Meg the necromancess says "probably higher value for more players".

*say *everything* except the keep and icons has worked for me.

*Kennymck the necromancer asks "does draggy gerself count?".


OK, Havoc the warlock shakes his head.

*Meg the necromancess says "don't think so".

*say It's not T. :)

*say So .. strategy.

*say Don't bother collecting T until all the mobiles preventing us from getting T are dead.

*Meg the necromancess nods.

*say Killing thief, banshee, etc was a great idea.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "yup - and i got rid of banshee early fort hat reasont".

*say If we kill the six goblins on the way to the treasure chamber, then the person that does that basilisk can really speed things up.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "yup - know what you mean there".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "and do the bluee room while we are in there".

*say That's why I wanted you both to focus on the goblins in the beginning.

*say Once the basilisk is dead we pillar party from under the hut. Then everyone has great stats.

*say Don't bother collecting T or doing anything like killing snakes at this point.

*say Right after the pillar party someone can do the dragon. When the dragon dies they can do the druids.

*Meg the necromancess nods.

*Meg the necromancess says "i detoured a lil bit to collect the ls..but it helped a lot".

*say If they know how to save the fleece and get the chalice then that brings us closer to a mortal reset.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "WOW - didnt know you could get the chalice back".

*Meg learned that from Crowley

*Meg the necromancess grins.

*Kennymck the necromancer exclaims "Havoc rold me aboui the fleece - still do not know how to!".

*Meg the necromancess says "the fleece that is".

*say We should probably all three of us then eliminate the dwarf guards quickly so that we can stock up on wafers.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "methinks the mirror could be useful when corwley is around".

*Kennymck the necromancer tells you "yeah - lack of wfs was a prob".

*say From there we do the keep and the golem.

*say Someone does the hunchback, the hedgehog, and the crown.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "avoiding nasty PKers".

*say That *should* be crazy fast to do.

*say Once all those mobiles are killed we run around scooping up T and swamping it as quickly as we can.

*say If we're not too precious about who scores what points for which T then it should go quickly.

*Meg the necromancess says "did anyone get the T in evil wood? i know there isn't much...".

*say (face it - we're all going to die and not wiz 99.99% certain this time around - so who needs the points really!)

*Meg the necromancess laughs.

*say Non-mus are okay for something like this if they are really comfortable zipping around. It's nice to make use of the LS.

*say Otherwise though it's better to use necro or higher. It's just faster.

*Meg the necromancess says "yeah, i would've been fine otherwise i think".

*Meg the necromancess says "just waited at pc and got stuck in dwarves".

*Meg the necromancess says "i meant to get the T out of library of ancestry".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "id done that".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "but goit attacked by ws on way out".

*Meg the necromancess says "ls was at underground island luckily".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "forgot to site again".

*say To make this really smooth I'd be able to say "you both do the gobs" and know that you're on it killing them all.

*Meg the necromancess says "yeah, i got most of them".

*say And if you're done doing something you ask what's next.

*say That way I know what everyone's doing and I can coordinate us.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "as i said in gmail - general havoc - lik what a bash general should do".

*say Yeah. Kind of.

*say If we do this a few times then there's no need for a general any more.

*Meg the necromancess says "we could do the keep faster with 2 people".

*say We need surplus wafers to do the keep with. That's the mistake we made.

*Meg the necromancess says "then have another good wp to do dwarves, etc".

*Meg the necromancess says "ah, yes, true".

*Meg didn't have any wafers

*say Also we really shouldn't have killed the wyvern or tried to kill the griffin.

*Meg the necromancess nods.

*Kennymck the necromancer asks "hmmmmm - run past them you mean?".

*say Oh. Once a mobile gets a player kill it levels up to be crazy tough. So unless it's close to death or something there's no point tring to kill it.

*say Plus if you do kill it you only get a fraction of a fraction of your original score back.

*Meg the necromancess says "yeah, griff was going to be tough once i had to flee".

*Meg the necromancess asks "what happened with the surlies Kenny?".

*Meg the necromancess says "i was going to help out but then decided to try for keep".

*Kennymck the necromancer says "1t time round it was typos - eya a wf for example".

*say We should do the dwarfs and keep in pairs unless we have crazy quantities of wafers (which is unlikely).

*Kennymck the necromancer says "iahd 2 wfs and didnt maneg to eat either".

*Meg the necromancess says "yeah, i like the idea of pairs, for keep and at least dw guards".

*say Maybe that's it. One pair does the dwarfs and a loner can take on the keep the quicker way.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "hwo long did Havic and me (in another name) take to do gobs last week - about 90 secs".

*Meg the necromancess nods.

*Meg the necromancess says "that's a good idea".

*say Mind if I share this conversation on mudii as a teaser to get people excited to do this too?

*Meg the necromancess says "let's challenge them".


OK, Havoc the warlock grins.

*say Ok. I'll post this then.

*Kennymck the necromancer says "go n - we need more folk playting more often".

*Kennymck the necromancer exclaims "crap - ot will really shopw ho wbad my typing ois!".