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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 07/02/2013+
Author Bash Report 07/02/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 08-02-2013 18:31   

There isn?t very much I can say about last night?s game. For me it was a steady old plod. Players were Ninja the Warlock, Blackheart and Folly Necromancers and me back at Superhero. It was great to see Cenedra the Mage, after a long time, supporting us all from the Tearoom. Apart from accidentally dropping the parasol in the circle in the Attic in the Inn, I do not think I did anything really stupid. It seemed we were down to 150 mobiles before things got really going. I promised myself I would take no chances. So I started with a zombie and the butterfly before going down the well. As you might expect after the Watersnakes, I went up on to the North Mountain having again picked up the parasol in the woods somewhere. I avoided Skeleton1, the Man and the Viper, even though by then I had acquired the Longsword . I also had the Oracle which I find so very useful as a non-magic-user. I should have avoided Skeleton2 but went for it. I had to flee, of course, and when it blocked me, I had to qq. I came back in. I realised it now had my ls. This angered me somewhat and foolishly went straight back in after the skeleton, picking up staff0 from where I had left it in the Woodman?s Hut. I found the skeleton in the SE tomb. The problem with skeletons is that they have a talent for fast stamming up. They can stam up quickly even when fighting. You only have to miss one a couple of times and it is back up to max. This time I fled on 5. Back in the game I picked up my kit and remembered to have a sleep. I later saw Folly with my ls but as he no doubt won it killing Skeleton2, he deserved to have it. Some strange things were happening though. Firstly I found all routes out of the Tearoom blocked. I think to discourage latecomers. Also:-

*Heiach the biohazard wizard apologises to you.
OK, Royston the superhero smiles.

Even now I don?t know why!

Another thing, on my way up the stairs to sort out a glow, I suddenly realised that I was already glowing. This surprised me and looking back over the log I still cannot see how that happened. Normally you are told if you are given a glow.

Very soon all the ?easy? mobiles had gone and in all honesty left it to the hi-life players to finish the rest off. I wandered about, I admit a bit aimlessly ? not a clever thing to do but I scanned as I went in case I saw anything left. Yes I did do a bit of swamping but I missed the Notification that the bash was over and was now at Champion level. When it did at last dawn on me I wasted no time in converting that to Sorcerer.

For me it was a successful if somewhat cautious sort of game

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 09-02-2013 13:22   
I think we need to mention the bash general for this reset!

*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "everyone collect treasure, mostly
trinkets. Don't bother attacking mobiles".

*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "the thief is blind, someone
unblind him please? Man?".

*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "old man, get a firestone incase
they try and summon you".

*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "meet at ruins in a couple of
minutes for mobile pillaring".

*You hear a rushing sound in the distance, as if a huge torrent of water has
just started to flood somewhere.
*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "dwarfs, flee!".
*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "your sacrifice shall we remembered

*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "Nooo! Not the hedgehog!".
*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "what did she ever do to you?!".
*A male voice in the distance shouts "DEAD!".

*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "please ignore the ammonite behind
the waterfall".

*For your information: Ammonite the bash-general mobile is worth 31 points
if killed.

*Ammonite the bash-general mobile shouts "I shall not be defeated!
Skeletons, attack!".

And the end of the reset from my log...

The centipede looks close to death.
The centipede stings you with its venomous tail! You feel poison flowing
through your bloodstream...
The centipede has fled by going north.
You can fight it no longer.
(+1 = 39,872).
In a somewhat wild manner, the centipede crawls away.
*n.k mo f wp
Stream in luscious wood.
Crawling close by is a large centipede. There is a large stick on the
*You attack the centipede, using the pick0 as a weapon.
*You hit the centipede (10-14).
You have killed the centipede.
(+30 = 39,902).
The centipede has just passed on.
*wh phial
1 in the place known as "face".
1 in the place known as "dense forest".
1 in the place known as "en suite bathroom".
1 in the place known as "bathroom".

Master bedroom in "Il Castellare".
Lying here is a worn leather slipper. The bathroom door is locked shut.
*op door
The key53 grates in the lock...
The bathroom door creaks slowly open.
En suite bathroom.
The bathroom door is open. Standing conveniently close by is a small, closed
phial. The closed phial1 contains medicine.
*Your stomach turns over and you feel giddy. You are VERY unwell!
*g phial
Closed phial1 taken.
*op hial
I don't know the word "hial".
*op phial
The closed phial1 opens...
*drink all
Although you feel really off-colour, you manage to force the medicine down
your throat...
Gulp gulp glug glug gulp glug SLURRRP! Down the hatch it goes!
Argle! The medicine tastes even worse than you were expecting! Ugh! It's
A mildly unpleasant tingling runs through your veins, and then you feel
remarkably well and raring to go!
(+44 = 39,946).
Folly the necromancer mumbles something.
Because you can't see anyone else here, it may be that you are speaking to
You are carrying the following:
the opened, empty phial1, the longsword, the cowl, 2 keys and the
Weight carried: 11kg 230g/100kg.
Objects carried: 6/12.
You are keeping any objects in your possession of the following types:
cowl and longsword.
*dr phial
Opened, empty phial1 dropped.
*You feel as if a tremendous evil has been rid from The Land! No pawns of
darkness sully it with their presence. The relief of generations of souls
floods through your being!
(+3,000 = 42,946).
*A female voice in the distance whoops.

I also found a longsword on my travels

Southeast tomb.
The southeast tomb is open. A rusty key can be seen here. A magical oracle
lies ornately at your feet. A pretty, oriental parasol lies unfurled here. A
beautiful, iridescent firestone (firestone3) glows nearby. A sturdy staff
lies within easy reach. An animated skeleton (skeleton2) bars your way. The
skeleton2 is carrying a longsword.

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Joined: Apr 28, 2010
Posts: 154
Posted: 09-02-2013 18:34   
After taking a look at the recent reports, I think we can safely presume that Heiach's demise would be extremely profitable for us mortals. Think about it.

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