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MUDII Forum Index General Chat "The Lost Will" - Live Action Horror Roleplay
Author "The Lost Will" - Live Action Horror Roleplay

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From: Firkins
Posted: 29-05-2003 12:30   
Hey Guys,

Kirstin aka Serenety/Elizabeth/Gehenna here. My friend runs Murder Mysteries/Horror roleplays and his next one is in September and I was wondering if anyone was interested in going?

I've pasted the brief below so that people can have a read, and if anyone wants to ask anything, then they can contact me (as I'll reply quicker than the event organiser does due to his busy scheduale).

The website for this event is: http://www.sabbathemporium.co.uk

Sabbath Emporium
?The lost will?

On the 7th of March 2003 all the members of the Montgomery Fortesgue estate were gathered to hear the reading of his last will and testament. On the very same day an outbreak from the British military installation at Hexam brought the entire of Northumberland under military jurisdiction. Contained in sector 4 was the Fortesgue estate in all its splendour. That was of course until the military arrived under the command of General Shank and his regiment.

On the following day the Special Operations division were sent in to track down and destroy any traces of the contamination. They did not make it to their following rendezvous, although they did make contact to say that the estate was free from contamination; however they did point out that one particular civilian was placed in a make shift quarantine because of an abnormality in their vital statistics.
Oh and one other thing. The report also stated that there was room for suspicion of an international spy working in the area, and that some murders had taken place within the estate grounds.

The story now.

It is Sunday the 9th of March and you have been picked up by the military for being in a contaminated area, and are being taken to sector 4 until the outbreak has been brought under control.

Houses and shops are on fire. Heavy artillery helicopters and planes fly overhead; people are running around on fire as napalm pours from the skies. The bodies of dead soldiers torn to shreds lay scattered in the carpet of blood.

The event.

Taking place at Featherstone castle on Friday the 12th of September 2003 and finishing on Sunday the 14th.

Priced at ?47-50 per person. It includes accommodation, food, and the event itself.

Please make cheques payable to ?Sabbath Emporium?

The address: 85 Guywood Lane, Romiley, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 4AW.

Please enclose your character with the payment.

Full amount due no later than Friday the 22nd of August.

Deposit of ?22-50 due no later than Friday the 25th of July.

Bring a friend that has not been before and get ?2-50 off.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Email; Philip@firebreather.fsnet.co.uk

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