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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Accidental Death Of A Hero.
Author Accidental Death Of A Hero.

Joined: Jan 01, 2007
Posts: 531
From: N.London (just)
Posted: 29-10-2007 14:12   
It happened last night.Unusually for me I was in the Tearoom. Suddenly, Eros appeared before me and the fateful shot, the arrow which would reverberate around the world was loosed.
The name 'Requiem' pervaded my every thought. I yearned to be enveloped by his manly embrace, to pore over his maps, to just be with him, alone. I cried out his name.The words ' Requiem? Snog?' burst from my lips.
Oh that he would reply to me, a mere protector. But reply he did! 'Meet you at Lovers Leap Blib...do you need a map to help you get there?' was his concerned but passionate call. Eventually finding my way out of the tearoom, I hastened to the cliff. After one, no two wrong turns I finally arrived.
What a sight greeted me. There was Requiem the Hero by the cliff's edge, his hair framing that perfectly round almost football shaped head. But what was this? Requiem was asleep! I would have to wait until he had awoken before my passion could be assuaged. 'Oh woe is me' I cried to the Gods. 'I have made this long and perilous journey only to be frustrated at the very last'. I fell to my knees in despair.
However, my yearning slowly overcame my very senses and I decided to kiss him immediately.
Carefully, gently and with the utmost respect I approached Requiem. His snoring barely disturbed a zombie as it made its way who knows where. I leant forward to plant a gentle kiss on his full, strangely quivering lips. And that is when my world, and his fell apart.
Instead of typing 'snog Requiem' I ACCIDENTLY typed 'push Requiem over'. For hours I have searched my soul for an answer to the question which haunts my very being....'WHY???? Why did I kill Requiem?'
It will take me many months to forget the log of those events:- 'Summoning up your strength you push Requiem the Hero over. Requiem the Hero has woken up. Requiem the Hero has left.
If you see me huddled, despairing in the tearoom, do not pity me nor turn your back on me for 'It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'.

Fleeing is for wimps !

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Joined: Aug 08, 2003
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Posted: 29-10-2007 14:20   
*Wipes her eyes*
Semi erotic but entirely amusing....well written! Poor thing bounced all the way down the cliff eh (giggles)

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Joined: Mar 27, 2005
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Posted: 30-10-2007 12:46   
Very good Blib


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