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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash report 18/09/2008
Author Bash report 18/09/2008

Joined: Nov 20, 2006
Posts: 530
Posted: 19-09-2008 12:20   
So.. my first proper bash in months and my first bash report.

I have to say this was not as eventful as some bashes in the past have been. There were no giants, no pick-related killings, in fact no deaths at all that I'm aware of. There was some light pking which resulted in Tharg losing a few points.

Things didn't start too well for me. Within about 1 minute I was attacked by the vampire and had to be bailed out by Paine. I then proceeded to kill the hunchback and in the process of grabbing all the stuff he dropped (including a lit brand), made a mistake that I haven't made since my newbie days! After blowing myself up at the swamp, I ran back to my kit only to find the thief there holding various items of value. Unfortunately some of this was swamped by him before I could nick it back, but nothing I couldn't live without.

Pillar was shared by most players, and the SV count started dropping rapidly. Pagoda opened and was wiped out pretty fast (good job on the apes whoever did that).

We got down to 6 SV with about 25 mins left, so I decided to open Redwood to make things more interesting (yes it actually WAS me for once). It would have been too easy otherwise. The mobiles in this area were killed pretty quickly by a team consisting of myself, Leak, Royston, and Paine. Meanwhile the other mobiles were mostly done - I think there were 3 left at this point. The last 2 turned out to be the wolf, and ammonite, a pesky mobile which has a habit of appearing in the game right at the end, so that people rarely think to check for it.

The bash was completed succesfully after the initiation of the auto-reset, with about 3 or 4 mins to go (due to auto-extension as there were less than 10 mobiles left).

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Joined: Nov 20, 2006
Posts: 530
Posted: 19-09-2008 17:54   
Also, thanks to Crazyfool for overseeing it as usual!

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 19-09-2008 19:30   
It was me who started off dealing with the apes. They were all clustered together in a Mixed Forest. I had the sense to attack ape0 on its own and Hocus immediately joined in. After a while the ape fled and QN showed him south in a Copse. I followed (so I thought) and immediately typed K MOB. Unfortunately I was just too quick and had not realised I had been blocked by ape5 and I had not moved at all. So I found myself in a fight with the all remaining apes. I just escaped on 21 stam and it cost me 1.2k. By the time I recovered there were just 2 apes left Hocus having despatched the reminder on her own.

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Joined: Jan 01, 2007
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From: N.London (just)
Posted: 19-09-2008 22:16   

On 19-09-2008 12:20, Armand wrote:
After blowing myself up at the swamp....

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