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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash report 14/11/08
Author Bash report 14/11/08

Joined: Oct 28, 2006
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Posted: 14-11-2008 08:49   
The bash started off slowly, with only two players in The Land - Royston and Tomtom, but rapidly got worse when Tomtom failed to find his way through the evil wood correctly and the wraith killed him. Despite this, Royston valiantly continued to keep up the fight, joined shortly afterwards by Dunkillin. Between them, they managed to get the mobile count down below 100. Mysteriously, the mobile count went up above 100 once more, it would appear the someone decided that the wraith worth 2,900 wasn't going to stop these two and opened up Redwood.

Dunkillin decided, having completed half of the dwarf guard rooms, that the wafers he still had would be better spent fighting the wraith, but even armed to the teeth and stacked with wafers, the wraith proved too tough and he fled to fight another day. By this time, there were several people enjoying the tea and spurred on by Hal, Dunkillin and Leak formed a posse to rid The Land of the evil wraith and avenge Tomtom. Hal fought bravely but had to flee, Leak was reincarnated 5 times, but Dunkillin prevailed and managed to dispatch the fiend, amassing 3,201 points.

After several failed bashes, it's time The Land was rid of these foe. Where will you be next Thursday at 9pm GMT?

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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 14-11-2008 11:17   
I was typing this out unaware that Samson was also doing a report. It seems a shame to waste it. Still it?s great to get two points of view.

BASH REPORT 13/11/08

CF stayed just long enough just to give us a reset dead on time but then had to dash off on some RL business.

We started off with four Warlocks - Throwaway, Tomtom, Cenedra, and me. Throwaway intimated before the reset that he would not be going N. So I may be wrong, but I suspect it was just Tomtom and me on our own to start with.

Tomtom managed to get all the good kit just ahead of me and I wasted some time getting some decent stuff myself. I had already decided that the gobs were first on my agenda. By the time I battled my way into the Gobs? Cave, Tomtom was ahead of me again and had already dispatched G10 and the two in the Guard Room. He left me to mop up the rest. Strangely I found the fox there as well, far from his normal habitat. Needless to say, I got stuck in the Treasure Chamber, and when, after extracting myself from there, I tried to get back down into the Cave, I found the PC shut. At that point, Hocus the Yeoman appeared right on cue, and helped me open it.

A ?QW? showed that Dunkillin had joined us and we were now four in the Land. Even Cenedra had disappeared out of the Tearoom probably to get herself kitted out in pink slippers and a black suit.

Next on the agenda were the rats. By a steady slaughter, I worked through them four at a time. It was while I was engaged in this mayhem that a bell tolled. The obit showed that Tomtom had been killed by the Wraith. This was a sickening, saddening set back. It left us with only three players one of whom, though very experienced, was battling it out at a lo-life level.

Tomtom and I had had an earlier encounter during the day. He attacked me under the well when I was already fighting a mobile. We were both invisible. I used up all my magic trying to ?vis? him and I was left with no magic, underground, without any hope of being able to flee to the surface. I had also been suffering from serious lags on the line (more later). For once I did not hang around and fled at about 60. Tomtom did the decent thing and did not reattack and I survived. He also ?helped? me when, having recovered my stam, I went for the TS. I was sorry to see him die.

I missed the next bell but Dunkillin told me that Hocus had also been killed. The Obit showed that he had got to Warrior level and been killed by a Watersnake. So now we were two.

For a long time, I have expounded the view that it was a waste of time and resources swamping T on a Bash Night. But I am beginning to soften in this view and question the wisdom of attacking a Mob when still at a low level. I would not have objected if Tomtom or Hocus had come back in and took advantage of all the T lying about to build themselves up again quickly, especially as there was no Wiz about to dote on them.

I said, I had been suffering all day with lag and I went out of the Land to change my wireless adapter (American spelling) to the old one. I bought a new one because the old one, fine for the Internet, would not work on a home network I had set up. I thought my lag problems might due to the new adapter but they were not. It was just as bad with the old one in place. There was sometimes about 30 seconds between me entering a command line and it coming back down line to the monitor. Worse, fights were hanging and then suddenly spamming up the screen.

I came back in, finished off the last rat and went on the Watersnakes myself. I find I get a bit bored with these now. It has become a routine that seems to take forever to accomplish. Still they are reasonably safe. A very dangerous complacent attitude! While this was going on, Hal, Nero and Leak all appeared in the Tearoom but no one as yet ventured forth.

Things settled down to a steady slaughter after this with me doing all the easy stuff and Dunkillin all that was dangerous. I fled from the Pony at 16 stam because I forgot to sleep after killing the last Watersnake. Ho-Hum. I recovered a bit in the Tearoom and Heiach came in.

I went back in and carried on. While I spent some time chasing bees to get the SV down Dunkillin dealt the Vampire and had thoughts on the Wraith. I never did manage the last bee.

In the end even Dunkillin had had enough and retired. Leak came into the Land for a bit, followed by Lwak and then Leak again.

There was a cry for help, with no indication who was calling or where they were. This caused a bit of a flap. I never did get to the bottom of what was going on here.

The Wraith was quite valuable now. Enough of a challenge to entice Hal out. He and Dunkillin had several goes, feeling in turn, Dunkillin at 22 and Hal at 15. Eventually Dunkillin got him with only about 3 minutes play left getting himself 3201 points.

A very exciting end to a difficult Bash.

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Joined: Sep 16, 2001
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From: Llanelli
Posted: 16-11-2008 16:43   
In retrospect, maybe needing to watch the second part of Star Trek Voyager didnt constitute "urgent real life business".


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Joined: Jan 01, 2007
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From: N.London (just)
Posted: 16-11-2008 16:58   
[quote=samson] Hal fought bravely but had to flee,[/quote]

Fleeing is for wimps !

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