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MUDII Forum Index General Chat 26/02 A bash report
Author 26/02 A bash report

Joined: Feb 27, 2005
Posts: 9
Posted: 26-02-2010 12:19   
Who on earth is ollie ? Ah well.
Bash report 26/02/10
Here's my POV on the bash last night. I was playing as Mok.
w00t as in good fun. I tried playing last week but internet went down within 15 mins (pasty on the line or somesuch (I live in Cornwall)). Thus this was my first full bash in a LONG time.
Arghhh we were 2 short at the end..Golem and a something

At the beginning I was not sure how many were playing vs who was malingering in the tea room so got some stuff and made a start by tonking the basi. I made a hash of that but managed to cry so much the basi drowned.
No one wanted to join me at the ruin so I dropped something heavy on my foot, cried some more and went off to deal with the rats.

I mistook the mouse for a rat on the way and killed it.

Badly winded I reach the lower cottage and found it was infested with vermin. I made hard work of ploughing through them. I guess tippy toeing around and trying to fend them off from a chair was a slightly long winded way of dealing with them. One of them nipped me and I cried.
However my obit was looking more healthy with 20 odd kills in about 40 minutes

So I went to deal with the dragon.
Many control L's later the overgrown bat was tickled and I headed back to the mainland.

By now other players must have joined in because over 100 mobiles were dead.
The bash was on!
Oh yes it was.

Gobbo's next. Just like xmas at chez Mok-lots of mis-shapen folk leering at each other.
Encouraged by this vision I hacked them into little bits.

Next I spent about 20 years working through the dwarves. At one point I was a laughing stock as rumour got around the dwarrowdelf that I had a "short sword".
I got into a few fights with rumour mongers -Luckily Marie the Necromancess was on the
case too and managed to actually kill most of the tougher dwarves while I was typing stop crying f o f o stop crying.

Dwarves done, ego artifically enhanced, I spotted an old man hobbling about so I snuck up on him.
He kicked me about a bit and I fled.
Luckily I had a potion on me so un-noticed I ambushed the sad old gentleman. This time he lost.

Pretty much the end of the bash now - Boris, Marie, Oreo were all dashing about. ie they did all the hard stuff. No bees left for me.
Pony died.
Watersnakes heroically dealt with by Boris.
Should I have released the Mammoth? We'll never know.
Anyhow at the end 2 mobs were left-Golem and a n other. And..
We failed...proving that it's a game of two halves, a marathon not a sprint and a wonder anything got killed at all.
But my "obit me" read like a who's who of the rat, goblin and dwarf world so I was pleased with that.
Oh yes I was.


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Joined: Jan 23, 2002
Posts: 364
From: Somewhere you don't want to go!
Posted: 26-02-2010 13:37   

Arghhh we were 2 short at the end..Golem and a something

A really quite MAMMOTH something!

How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots? It's not fair to deny me, the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me. You otter know!!!

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Joined: Jan 01, 2007
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From: N.London (just)
Posted: 26-02-2010 16:47   

Are you reading this Royston?

Now, that's how a bash report should be written!

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 28-02-2010 08:49   

On 26-02-2010 16:47, blib wrote:

Are you reading this Royston?

Now, that's how a bash report should be written!

I'm eating my heart out.

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