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MUDII Forum Index General Chat bash report 29/07/10 (most of it!) :P
Author bash report 29/07/10 (most of it!) :P

Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 29-07-2010 22:25   
The players online (that I saw):
morts: (special thanks)



Firstly I'd like to point out what happened near the end of the bash,
I quit because I drowned and also because I didn't want pagoda to open (lots online) - whether this worked or not someone will have to tell me hehe

I grabbed a bit of kit and for most of the set was trusting (Didn't carry a FS)
When it got near the end I picked one up just in case.

THE AMAZING thing about this bash is right now there is only 1 sv left with 30 mins to go!!!

Mystique the bash general helped me with the keep, and let me have Valetant (cheers)

Only saw jango a couple of times 'cos he was off killing everything, helped me with SK, nice one (he had a lot of kit too, what a beast)

Jango set up GFC (he had a quick moan at me to hurry up and get to the hut for PTR tehe!) - justified I guess 'cos I was asleep.

'Nobody' (superhero at beginning of set) - made champ (good luck TS'ing, you just doing it as I left, hope ya made it mate and thanks for help with the icons!)

Think jango and mystique did the dwarfs.. at least when I wh'd them they were doing them!

We all got hot prefixes which was cool =]
Was going to post my 'OBIT ME' list and ask everyone to do the same, but forgot (am abit tipsy).

If anyone has anything to add please feel free. We missed you Roy! x x

/Zedar (coldness the dawg)

[Edit, 30 mins later]
Apparently bash was a success!

Apparently the pagoda opened neways oops.

Remaining mobile was the snail - very kindly fodded by Hawumph (thanks from us morties) x

Hopefully someone will post more as I wasn't there for the whole pagoda affair! x

Oh and Paine came out to WH stuff )

[ This Message was edited by: Miek on 29-07-2010 23:02 ]

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Joined: Jun 05, 2007
Posts: 15
Posted: 30-07-2010 08:23   
Who's this Jango? It ain't me. Cool write up. Thanks.

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Joined: Jan 23, 2002
Posts: 366
From: Somewhere you don't want to go!
Posted: 30-07-2010 15:54   

/Zedar (coldness the dawg)

I was sure there was a hint in there somewhere about who it was? Oh well.

How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots? It's not fair to deny me, the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me. You otter know!!!

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Joined: Jan 01, 2007
Posts: 533
From: N.London (just)
Posted: 31-07-2010 16:20   
So Cen, caught multilining by the look of it.

Fleeing is for wimps !

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 31-07-2010 16:41   
Didn't say at the same time!!!! HEHE

Yeah I was 'Coldness' it was great fun.

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