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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash report (28/10/10)
Author Bash report (28/10/10)

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 29-10-2010 14:33   

This was the first time back in the Land for me for some time. My welcome back was second only to that of Heiach. The Bash was hosted by Sabretooth and Heiach the Wizards and at one time I counted for no less than ten players on. It was enough to open up the Pagoda and gardens but not initially, the Realm of the Giants, though that happened later. We had to wait in the Tearoom to start with. A barrel appeared containing apples and some precious gems. The only way to reach them was to climb in. Every time I did so I got thrown out bodily by an invisible phantasm and so was everyone else. I did a multi-command line to climb in the barrel and pick up a gem, to be told that the gem seemed to be stuck down before I was thrown out again. I had my doubts about getting it to the swamp from the Tearoom in any case. I am sure I would not have been allowed to take it north.

But Sabretooth was soon ready and we all entered the Land. Avoiding the Wraith I soon found my way to the Gothic Mansion which I remembered from last year. On my way gathering kit, I passed by the Phantom of the Opera. But more of him later. I went looking for the wafer in the Inn I was attacked by a child, child4. This disturbed me a bit. I think after a while, you do not read the words on the screen, word by word, but form a mental picture of what is going on. And I did not like this image. I had to force myself to remember that this child was not a real child but an evil mobile (i.e. a computer generated character). Loadlocker appeared on scene and helped out. The child fled and survived this fight. On the way out I bumped in to the phantom again. He was holding the baton, a bit of kit I needed, so heedless that my Stamina was down to 66, I went for him. I ended up fleeing (not the only time this set) losing 1,040 points. Recovering, wandering about and still trying to kit myself out I was attacked by a huge wasp. Two hits from my staff and it was dead. Luckily it did not sting me. Then back at the Inn I was attacked by a fire-imp. After it was killed I found a ?likeable? outfit which I wore, only to be told that it deprived me of my magic. I discarded it immediately. I now wonder if it gave a non-magic user magic. But it certainly put me off dressing up in any of the numerous costumes littered about the place. Loadlocker in the cellar called for help. When I arrived there, he was engaged with several gremlins (and not the expected rats) at once. I lalso ater found that the goblins had been renamed as ?orcs?. In both cases I am not convinced that they had not been beefed up in stats when rechristened. Certainly I ended up fleeing from an orc or two when I finally got into the Goblins? Cave. Kingcobra, who was about to be elected Bash General, arrived in the Coalbunker just after the last gremlin was killed.

Soon after whilst engaging the orcs, I got picked up by Sabretooth and dropped into the Classical Ruin in time for the business with the pillar. Luckily I had the means of raising the portcullis in my hand and so I was able to continue more or less where I left off. I had by now replaced my staff with the scimitar. Loadlocker called for help in the Keep and I left the Goblins and went to the keep. He was fighting the maiden renamed The Bride of Frankenstein. At this point there was the sound of a rock splitting as the Realm of the Giants opened up. I left Loadlocker after we killed the Bride of Frankenstein with anything he might find in the Keep. At the Ford across the River I rushed headlong again into the Phantom of the Opera, who lost no time attacking me. I found that not only was I losing Stamina as expected but the Phantom could dock me points. OK only two at a time but they mounted up. I sensibly fled on 20 stam and it cost me 1,019 points.

Someone shouted that the Giants? was open and someone else shouted ?where?s that?? This was the first of a series of shouts asking where rooms were that gradually wore my patience down, and gather from the responses of other players, theirs too. We were all newbies to start with and so tend to be a bit tolerant but after a while the continuous pestering for information will result in a CLIFFY (see Mudspeke if you do not know what that means). My best advice is to start mapping. This will give you a good overview of what the Land looks like. Some say you do not need a map. They are the ones who can think outside the box. If like me you have a logical mind, you need a map on which to base a mental image. After three years I still use mine for the Maze, the North Mountain, the Pagoda and the Giants. And I still regard myself as a newbie.

Right, where was I? I next bumped into the Phantom of the Opera for the third time. This time I yelled for help as I attacked him. However this time I was successful on my own. And I killed him at a stam of 61 but I only got 354 points for the kill after losing all those points to him when I fled. This was no way to run a business.

I next went to the Evil Wood and chased the Wraith round a bit. As soon as I entered a room, it left. I was beginning to wonder what I was carrying. At this point a bell tolled. A little later:

The following players have died in fights this reset:
Osterbane the spooky swordsman, killed by the orc,
Loadlocker the spooky sorcerer, killed by the pumpkin and the
Osterbane the hostile swordsman, killed by the gremlin,
Osterbane the spooky hero, killed by the imp.


You wake up!
Your stamina is 77.
Heiach the spooky wizard
Sabretooth the Ice-Age wizard
Osterbane the hostile swordsman
Loadlocker the swordsman
Frantic the spooky necromancer-
Dog the spooky hero
Buckrogers the spooky necromancess
Average the spooky spellbinder
Royston the spooky sorcerer=
Kingcobra the spooky necromancess-
Cenedra the spooky mage#
Anhysbys the spooky guest
*168 alive, 288 dead.
*Date: 28-OCT-10 21:40:49.
*Time-stamp: 21:40:49 on 28-OCT-2010.
This is reset 48090, using slot 0.
An auto-reset will be initiated in approximately 68 minutes.

Ten players; 168 mobiles left and 68 minutes to go. With that number of players a win was in theory possible.

I wandered round a bit and found child4 who had given me that bit of trouble at the start of the set asleep. I chased it round for a bit, before I had the sense to cripple it and got 28 points for the kill. Back in the Goblins? Cave I found the last orc. But had to flee yet again.

After a sleep, making my way back, I came across the Fox but it eluded me. Instead I dealt with the Ox, in the non-aggressive manner. In other words killed it without fighting it.

Now is the time for a confession. I came across the litter and finding that the associated objects were all carried in boxes by two other players, I sensed that their willingness to share would be remote. In a fit of pure childish behaviour, I am afraid I swamped the paper but I was pestered again, and again for the word.

I decided to explore the Gothic Mansion some more. If I come across something new I normally ask myself what do you normally do with this object and ascertain, even if it is treasure, whether it has some practical use. So when I came across a rocking horse, naturally, I tried to ride it. It would not let me. The response is identical to that of trying to ride the dragon, except that it did not attack me like the dragon did.

I found the Vampire in the Evil Wood. Realising that I was carrying a lot of kit that was weighing me down I dropped it all except for my weapon. Kingcobra had meanwhile appeared and was helping out valiantly. Then Osterbane appeared on scene, stole all my valuable kit, looked at the Vampire before deciding to join in. I fell into a magically-induced sleep at the crucial moment and missed the kill gaining zero points and my companions had disappeared.

Next I recklessly thought I would look to see what was happening about the Giants. I unexpectedly came across Giant1 in the first room. Stupidly I had not scanned first. Sabretooth appeared on scene. The Giant went for me. I always engage using best weapon but this time I was not holding it and it took me a few valuable moments to realise this. I will have to change the command to ?my best weapon? and see what happens. At 43 I decided it was time to flee but the Giant hit me one more time and I actually fled just on 1!

Next time I went in I found myself fighting two giants at once with Osterbane the thief. I hit the flee button at 19 stam and finally fleeing at 9, losing yet more points. I have these flee commands on macros. The first flee did not work because it demands on a resite command (f j, rs)and after my last re-entry to the game I had failed to mark a site. The second attempt involves the out command (f o?.) and I was blocked by the Giant. But the third attempt (f.qq) worked. I was once more in the tearoom and my kit somewhere with the Giants. I had been sailing close to the wind this set and leaving flees late. But at least you lose fewer points that way. As rule of thumb I like to flee at 20 normally; 40 when fighting Giants and immediately regardless of Stam when it is the Dragon. You see, I was not keeping to my own rules.

Back in the Tearoom I counted 12 players in the Land of whom 5 (including me) were in the Tearoom. Someone, Sabretooth I reckon forced a load of wafers down my throat and brought my stam back up in no time at all. And I was well pleased. Back in the Land I picked up a sword from the Hut and this time I remembered to glow and site.

There was still one giant left. Giant3 found me as I entered the Black Cave and wasted no time in attacking me. I dropped 35 stam on the first hit and only 1 on the second then 33 on the third. I was now down to 35 and the Giant still looked fit despite repeated blows from me. Then it got me for another 30 and at 5 I fled yet again. This time I lost no points.

Kingcobra bullied me into tackling the sealife and I got drowned at sea chasing the Mermaid.

Not much happened after that. I found a couple of apes that?s all.

There was some dispute as to how many mobiles were left at the end but it was about 10 or 12. Even though we did not win it was a great Bash. The numbers on made all the difference. There was a lot of teamwork which goes to make it all the more enjoyable.

Let?s hope we have broken the bad run of things and next week is supported to the same extent.

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Joined: Sep 20, 2001
Posts: 38
Posted: 29-10-2010 16:36   
Great bash report Royston and also welcome back we have missed you a great deal and your bash report was well worth waiting for. I would like to thank everyone who turned up and supported the event as I had great fun watching everyone and made hosting the event for me and Heiach well worth while. I will look forward to next weeks bash, lets hope we have a good turnout.

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Joined: Jan 01, 2007
Posts: 533
From: N.London (just)
Posted: 29-10-2010 17:31   
A really excellent report Royston. Thanks.

Good to see you back in The Land after so long.

Are you on remand?
Fleeing is for wimps !

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 29-10-2010 18:32   

On 29-10-2010 17:31, blib wrote:
A really excellent report Royston. Thanks.

Good to see you back in The Land after so long.

Are you on remand?

I got some sort of metal device round my ankle. It makes a sort of buzzing noise.

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Joined: Dec 08, 2001
Posts: 88
Posted: 31-10-2010 18:36   

On 29-10-2010 18:32, royston wrote:

On 29-10-2010 17:31, blib wrote:
A really excellent report Royston. Thanks.

Good to see you back in The Land after so long.

Are you on remand?

I got some sort of metal device round my ankle. It makes a sort of buzzing noise.

CF's Vibrator?

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Joined: Mar 27, 2005
Posts: 160
Posted: 31-10-2010 20:32   
Great write up, Royston. Thanks.

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