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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 25/11/10
Author Bash Report 25/11/10

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 26-11-2010 19:49   

We started off with six players and two wizards, Heiach and Azrael the demonic wizard, the latter whom I have never met before. There was an election for Bash-General, which from Heiach?s comments resulted in a few humorous suggestions. Humorous at least to the electorate even if the Returning Officer did not find them amusing. My own vote was not counted, mostly because I spelt vote ?vite?. In the end it came down to Commando the Mage being elected.

As usual, I started off under the well but only accounted for five of the watersnakes. It worried me right to the end of the game that I might have missed one. In no time at all it seemed we were down to a ninety-nine mobiles left alive with eighty-five minutes to go.

Heiach had initiated a special prize for the player who scored the most kills. Next I managed two Zombies. Nothing really spectacular so far. The Ram was next followed by the Piglet and the boar. I was avoiding the Stag, you notice. But I came across the Thief and noticing the he had the oracle, which as a non-magic user I knew I would find extremely useful, I threw caution to the wind and attacked him. Luckily for me, the thief fled leaving me the treasure and Commando appeared on the scene and I assume chased the Thief and finished him off. I found the Viper which gave me my sixth snake.

Meanwhile I came across the means of getting off the North Mountain and went after the Pony and the Snowbird. At this stage I had 12 kills against Commando?s 56. I next dealt with the Ox, at the same time accidentally swamping the oracle and two other useful items. Back in the Formal Gardens, I managed the Boar and the Swan. (The swan is one of those that are easily missed till near the end).

The Pagoda Gardens were open and there were a few apes about. There was no sign of the Monk. I assumed he had been dealt with already. Once more the scores came out with Commando still in the lead with 71 and me still second from bottom at 14. At this stage we were told that there were only 25 mobiles left. I guessed one of them was the Spider. It usually is. I kitted myself out and went after it. But I messed the command up and the spider did not appear. I admitted this to the Bash-General, who sorted the Spider out in some other way. There is obviously more than one way of getting the Spider out of her lair. I did manage to get in at the end of the kill though!

I wandered lonely as cloud and came across Salvadore with the shortsword so concluded that the Keep had been done. I also found that the Goblins and the Dwarfs had all been completed without any help from me. The Giants? had opened I think and they too were all dealt with again without me.

Suddenly it was all over. Someone said the last mobile was the Snail. I don?t know for certain but if it was, it would have been the last survivor two weeks running.

*Heiach the chimerical wizard shouts ?and the final scores are: Average (8), Royston (15), Salvadore (21), Huthut (37), Osterbane (50) and Commando (81)!?

The idea of giving a prize for the most kills added a new and welcome dimension to the event. But I wonder what the prize was.

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Joined: Sep 16, 2001
Posts: 795
From: Llanelli
Posted: 27-11-2010 11:12   
I hear it was a trip to Skipton Science Museum with Blib.

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Joined: Jan 01, 2007
Posts: 533
From: N.London (just)
Posted: 27-11-2010 17:05   
Could be worse.

Could have been a quiz hosted by CF.
Fleeing is for wimps !

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Joined: Sep 16, 2001
Posts: 795
From: Llanelli
Posted: 27-11-2010 18:32   
76% of people love my quiz.

24% of people want Hal banned..

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Joined: Oct 19, 2001
Posts: 642
From: North West
Posted: 27-11-2010 22:08   
What about the 27% who want both?

Although the naked quizmaster was a bit much CF, put me off my cocktail sausages it did

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Joined: Nov 29, 2010
Posts: 39
Posted: 30-11-2010 21:22   
A certain someone whose name isn't Blib (honest) informed me that I should vote for Hal to be banned.

I've never met Hal and obviously never met Blib but if I don't vote then the evil dragonfly will invade my dreams and haunt me forever.


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