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Welcome to the test page for the new Java client. Please give the client a thorough testing, but it's probably best not to go wiz-running using it just yet! If you do try out the client, then please send me any feedback - bad, good or indifferent. It's far from finished, so there's plenty of time to make changes!

(Technical bit ...) Note that this is currently compiled with Java 1.5. This means that browsers with older JDKs will need to upgrade. For the final version, I intend to have it running on JDK 1.1.8.

If you have a problem, and know how to find the Java console, I'd appreciate a copy of its contents when you let me know about the problem.

Particular feedback I'm after is:

  • Does it work on your computer at all?
  • Did you need to install/upgrade Java for it to work?
  • How did it look in the window, did it fit on your screen?
  • Is the login procedure straight-forward and newbie-friendly?
  • How fast is the client to play?
  • Visually, does it look appealing?
  • Visually, is it functional?
  • Could the layout be improved?
  • How did you find the input bar?
  • Did you have any problems when playing with it?
  • Are there any features you think are missing?
  • Do you have any other comments about it?

Please send feedback to The client has a version number on it, just below the logo - if possible, please let me know which version comments relate to.


To start, please click on the image below ...

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