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MUDII Terms & Conditions reserves the right to refuse access to any game it runs at any time without prior notification, explanation. may access or alter the details of any individual game account without prior notification. This includes the adjustment of users' status within the game. reserves the right to ban or remove users from the game without prior notification.
4All users should be aware that any activity they undertake in any game run by may be recorded or observed by other players without notice or indication. reserves the right to monitor all activities on the system without notice or indication, and to do with the results of such monitoring as it sees fit.
5While every attempt is made to keep the activities, communications and display free from offensive and/or libellous material, accepts no responsibility if offence is caused or taken from an aspect of any of the games hosted by reserves the right to change the system specification, eg. number of simultaneous players or time of day the game is available without prior notification. cannot be held responsible for any loss of quality or perfomance in any of its games due to factors outside its influence eg telephone/network errors, hardware/software failures etc.
8Game accounts held with are personal, and should not be shared. It is the users' resposibility to ensure that their account details and passwords are kept private. Should a breach be suspected, must be informed as soon as is practical.
9Game accounts which are not accessed for 200 days may be deleted automatically without warning. may send you MUD2 related e-mails to the address you subscribed with for both game-management and informational purposes. will not pass your address on to any third party.
11MUD2 players are bound by the rules and Terms & Conditions of both and MUSE Ltd.
12MUD2, its packaging, language, machine-generated characters etc. are the property of MUSE Ltd, and may not be used, published, copied or diffused without prior permission. Additional Terms and conditions for MUD2 players may be imposed by MUSE Ltd.
13MUD2 is a constantly developing project. All users should therefore understand and accept that aspects of it will change regularly without prior notice in the furtherance of making the game interesting and exciting. This will not affect users' statutory rights.
14It is the players' responsibility to ensure they may be contacted by game management. Players must read mudmail from arch-wizzes, and should notify any change of e-mail address. recommends extreme caution when making real life contact with other users and cannot be held responsible for any aspect of such contact.
16These terms and conditions are subject to change without warning. The current terms and conditions may be viewed at
17These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England, and both and the subscribed hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.