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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 16/12/2010
Author Bash Report 16/12/2010

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 17-12-2010 14:25   

There was an Ad Hoc Bash last Sunday morning, which resulted in a win of an extremely enjoyable set. Another player has offered to write a report on this event, but so far nothing has appeared. I reckon Sunday morning might a good time for an occasional bash.

On Thursday it was fast approaching nine o?clock and there was still no sight of a Wiz to reset the game. However his presence was soon felt by Osterbane as he was fodded into oblivion for being cheeky. I still have no idea who was the Duty Wiz.

Even in the Tearoom we could tell that the rain had turned into snow. A sure sign that it was Christmas and that there would be extra mobiles to the North. I thought I would get off to a good start by killing the Basilisk and doing the business in the Classical Ruin. But someone got there first even as I was getting my kit together. I was the last to arrive on scene.

I grabbed the pointers and used them to get into the Goblins. I passed a jolly snowman (trying hard not to melt), a fox and a turkey (in a mad panic) on my way. I worked my way steadily through the goblins one by one. Meanwhile somebody was having trouble with the Ghoul. But it all worked out in the end. Arming myself with a bit of useful kit, the rats were next on my list as I had thoughts, again this week, on the dragon. But again it was not to be. As I was attacking rat0, Osterbane appeared in the Coal Cellar and was attacked by all the rats simultaneously. He fled and reappeared after a while. This happened more than once and on one occasion he was not quite fast enough getting himself killed dead-dead. But he was fast enough when it came to grabbing the coal. He later experienced some small unpleasantness at the hands of the dragon.

The following players have died in fights this reset:
Lucylastic the warrior, killed by the mean-looking dwarf,
Osterbane the protector, killed by the rat.
The following players have died miscellaneous deaths this reset:
Osterbane, killed by the dragon's breath.

Later I was recovering in the Food Store from a battle with a couple of dwarfs when ?in the distance I heard an explosive WHOOSH!? Somebody had blown themselves up most likely at the Swamp. I wonder why this is always so very amusing.

There were no signs of any other dwarfs and when someone (I think Roberto who had been elected Bash General) ordered me to the Keep, off I went. By the time I got there the Wyvern had been dealt with, as had the Spectre, so I started off with the Griffin and helped with the crows after the Maiden had been killed while I was sleeping.

Out and about once more, I got Santa Claus. I had barely shouted that there was some Treasure left at the scene dropped by Santa, when Osterbane arrived and snatched the lot. Well he was still only at Protector Level I suppose. But he was lucky it was me there and some ill-tempered Necro who would take offence at such presumption.

At this stage there were just fifty mobiles left. A ?QW? showed Osterbane the Yeoman, Lucylastic [LOL] the dragon-fly-slaying Swordswoman, Nem the Sorcerer, Roberto the bash-general Mage, Hellbeast the Warlock and me, Royston the Necromancer all in the game. I noted with some dismay that none had the ?Dragon-slaying? pre-fix. Also WH?ing the coal a number of times couldn?t find it. I surmised, correctly as it happened, that the Dragon was still alive and the stuff was on the Island. Quite a dangerous scenario. And I noted that Osterbane had been killed by the dragon?s breath for a second time.

I was asked to take care of the Pony and the Snowbird. On the way, I found my old friends the Watersnakes were all still alive and wriggling and went through them steadily before going on to the North Mountain. The Pony and the Snowbird, once I had crippled it, were routine I am pleased to say, and the Lynx and the Snowleopard did not show on the ?WH? spell. I have since learnt that there is a third one to check. That nearly cost us the game.

We were now down to 18 in 29 minutes and it looked easy. There was the roar of a dragon dying (at last). The Golem worked like clockwork. I think Hellbeast went ?in?. I was at the Hallowed Chamber. Now you would have thought that a Warlock would know all about resiting, but Hellbeast found himself on the Viscous Rocks without a boat and had to be rescued.

After this I decided on the Spider, who for some reason always gets left till towards the end. I dealt with the cord in the only way I know, only to be told by Roberto that the Spider was dead. As the cord was intact I assume there is more than one way of squashing this beastly arachnid. Roberto told me he was on the upper levels of the Pagoda. I still do not know how he got there, despite a good exploration of the place after the end of the bash and before the reset.

It was now time to go through my printed list of mobiles. Again, same as last week, I did not watch my magic level and lost it. My thanks to all those who helped as I approached the Touchstone especially to Roberto who gave me the Rabbit?s Foot. I am sure it made all the difference.

Right at the end of my printed list appears the word ?Marmot? in ordinary hand-writing. This was obviously added afterwards as I came across it. After a lot of searching by everyone, the Marmot turned out to be the last mobile left and was on the top of the North Mountain. The third one to check.

This was another enjoyable set which was touch and go towards the end.

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 17-12-2010 14:57   
great writeup roy =]
~I know of no game that makes you think as fast~

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Joined: Jan 01, 2007
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From: N.London (just)
Posted: 18-12-2010 13:27   

On 17-12-2010 14:25, royston wrote:

Somebody had blown themselves up most likely at the Swamp. I wonder why this is always so very amusing.

Fleeing is for wimps !

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