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General ChatHelp and Bash Report 31/10/2013+Seifer31-10-2013 13:45
General ChatBash report 18/12/2014 ?Seifer31-01-2015 19:41
Websitesimmersion and addiction.Seifer30-12-2014 12:18
General ChatHalloween Mud BashSeifer30-10-2014 12:14
General ChatBash Report 29/8/13 +Seifer30-08-2013 08:24
General ChatHalloween Bash Report for 27.10.2016Seifer29-10-2016 17:35
General ChatBash Report 28/07/2011-Seifer29-07-2011 17:20
General ChatCongrats Gaia!Seifer29-05-2013 18:15
General ChatWarts and all.Seifer29-01-2014 17:47
General ChatBAAASSHHHSeifer28-09-2017 00:51
General ChatGinger nutsSeifer28-09-2013 10:04
General ChatEvent IdeasSeifer28-01-2013 16:56
General ChatBash BloopersSeifer27-12-2012 16:44
General ChatPoll for MTSeifer27-03-2014 13:55
General ChatBash Report 23/01/2014-Seifer27-01-2014 17:22
General ChatBash Report 23/01/2014-Seifer27-01-2014 16:53
General ChatBash 23/05/13+Seifer26-05-2013 07:04
General ChatBash BloopersSeifer25-12-2012 10:48
General ChatMulti-lining / game-spoiling tearoom botsSeifer25-10-2016 12:11
General ChatTravel quizSeifer25-07-2015 19:23
General ChatAn Interview with our newest WizSeifer25-06-2013 20:19
General ChatBash Report 22/09/11+Seifer24-09-2011 05:11
General ChatBash Report 22/11/2012+Seifer23-11-2012 14:31
General ChatI didn't know you could do that..Seifer23-09-2015 17:58
General ChatBeyond a BashSeifer23-09-2011 11:59
General ChatBash Report 19/05/2011-Seifer23-05-2011 18:50
General ChatMobile Bashes Every Thursday At 9pm GMTSeifer23-04-2018 10:21
General ChatBash Report 21/10/.2011- UPDATESeifer22-10-2011 11:34
General ChatWIZ VS MORT SORC WAR!Seifer22-04-2013 17:31
General ChatWIZ VS MORT SORC WAR!Seifer21-04-2013 19:16
General ChatBash BloopersSeifer20-12-2012 18:01
General ChatBash BloopersSeifer20-12-2012 12:52
General ChatGame StatsSeifer20-11-2013 12:00
General ChatEasy way to stay in touch (using Slack)Seifer20-10-2016 14:34
General ChatLong resetSeifer20-10-2016 14:24
General ChatMT Discussion: Clients reviewSeifer20-09-2015 21:14
General ChatBash Report 19/05/2011-Seifer20-05-2011 15:14
General ChatSorcerer War League 3 - Sorc Harder!Seifer20-03-2011 19:05
General Chatbash Report 17/07/2014+Seifer19-07-2014 13:47
MUD2 ClientsHELPSeifer18-03-2015 14:06
General ChatBash Report 16/02/2012+Seifer18-02-2012 23:33
General Chatbash 17/11/11+Seifer17-11-2011 23:24
General ChatBash / Quest report 15/5/14Seifer17-05-2014 10:23
Other GamesTwo wizzes and lava equals....?Seifer17-03-2014 00:06
General Chattop 10Seifer16-10-2012 12:12
General Chatweekly sorc wars/sorc leagueSeifer16-06-2013 23:22
General ChatBash Report 16/02/2012+Seifer16-02-2012 14:31
Other Gameseveryone ignore this postSeifer15-11-2013 17:43
General Chatbash 14/07/11Seifer15-07-2011 12:51
General Chatbash 14/07/11Seifer15-07-2011 12:26
General ChatBash Report 12/05/2011-Seifer15-05-2011 10:35
General ChatBash Report 13/12/2012++Seifer14-12-2012 15:17
Other Gameseveryone ignore this postSeifer14-11-2013 22:10
General ChatBash Report 12/6/2014 -Seifer14-06-2014 22:48
General ChatEasy way to stay in touch (using Slack)Seifer13-10-2016 18:05
General ChatBash 13.10.11 +Seifer13-10-2011 23:15
General ChatGiant Bash 8/5/2014+Seifer13-05-2014 11:25
General ChatThe final blow(dragon bash)Seifer12-12-2012 21:03
General ChatThe final blow(dragon bash)Seifer12-10-2011 03:47
General ChatBash Report 11/08/2011+Seifer12-08-2011 19:55
General ChatRace event 18/07/2013Seifer12-07-2013 19:04
General ChatRace event 18/07/2013Seifer12-07-2013 10:55
General Chatweekly sorc wars/sorc leagueSeifer12-06-2013 02:41
MUD2 ClientsHELPSeifer12-03-2015 16:12
General ChatWhat time does the top 10 change exactly?Seifer10-12-2012 19:14
General ChatWhat time does the top 10 change exactly?Seifer10-12-2012 14:57
General ChatEasy way to stay in touch (using Slack)Seifer10-09-2016 03:33
General ChatEasy way to stay in touch (using Slack)Seifer10-09-2016 03:26
General ChatThe Next Bash Will Be Interesting...Seifer10-09-2013 23:13
General ChatGame StatsSeifer08-11-2013 13:00
General ChatThe final blow(dragon bash)Seifer08-10-2011 20:20
General ChatRace event 18/07/2013Seifer08-07-2013 11:57
General ChatGame StatsSeifer07-11-2013 15:29
General ChatBash Report04/08/2011+Seifer07-08-2011 19:53
General ChatInterviews with personaeSeifer07-04-2013 12:06
General ChatBash BloopersSeifer07-01-2013 23:01
General ChatBash report 06/12/2012+Seifer06-12-2012 23:16
General ChathaSeifer06-12-2012 01:28
General ChatMortal reset race ?!Seifer06-07-2015 13:26
General ChatMobile Bashes Every Thursday At 9pm GMTSeifer06-05-2018 13:46
General ChatBash?Seifer06-05-2016 18:30
General ChatSolo bash success(Heiach helped with Golem coz im too wussy to try fodding it)Seifer06-04-2013 11:26
General Chatfast approaching clock changesSeifer06-03-2013 09:48
General ChatHouses gone?!Seifer06-02-2012 11:21
MUD2 Clientsmudiiclient logsSeifer05-12-2012 12:38
General ChatDragon BashSeifer05-10-2011 18:20
General ChatDragon BashSeifer05-10-2011 18:18
General ChatSometimes........Seifer05-07-2011 11:12
General ChatRoystone!!Seifer05-06-2011 12:47
General ChatSolo bash success(Heiach helped with Golem coz im too wussy to try fodding it)Seifer05-04-2013 22:12
General ChatTop Mud Sites Reset again.Seifer05-04-2011 04:08
General ChatBash Report 31/03/2011-Seifer05-04-2011 04:06
General ChatBash Report 31/03/2011-Seifer05-04-2011 04:05
General ChatBash Report 03/10/2013-Seifer04-10-2013 22:20
General ChatDragon BashSeifer04-10-2011 18:51
Game SuggestionsRace Event 18/07/13?Seifer04-07-2013 19:11
Game SuggestionsRace Event 18/07/13?Seifer04-07-2013 17:37
General ChatSolo bash success(Heiach helped with Golem coz im too wussy to try fodding it)Seifer04-04-2013 02:06
General ChatBash 03/01/2013+Seifer04-01-2013 15:30
General ChatDragon BashSeifer03-10-2011 13:15
General Chattop mud sites reset, vote vote voe !Seifer03-09-2011 05:58
General ChatBE THERE OR BE SQUARESeifer03-06-2014 09:04
General ChatBash 02/06/11-Seifer03-06-2011 21:08
General ChatSolo bash success(Heiach helped with Golem coz im too wussy to try fodding it)Seifer03-04-2013 16:59
General ChatBash Report - 27/02/2014Seifer03-03-2014 01:03
General ChatTop Mud SItes - reset again!Seifer01-06-2011 22:36
General ChatBash Report 31/03/2011-Seifer01-04-2011 22:40
General ChatHappy New YearSeifer01-01-2017 17:38

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