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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Mobile Bash report 16/05/2024
Author Mobile Bash report 16/05/2024

Joined: Mar 05, 2002
Posts: 264
Posted: 26-04-2024 00:39   
Bash report 25/04/2024:

Well, this mobile bash had some returns to MUD2. We welcomed back Hawumph the onomatopoeic arch-wizard, after a lenghty hiatus. Also present was Jamesbond the necromancer, doing his first mobile bash in over a decade (he would say later he greatly enjoyed his first bash in 15 years or so).

When the bash officially got underway, the following were present:

Hawumph the onomatopoeic arch-wizard
Firedemon the dark wizard
Heiach the chimerical wizard
Zedar the bash-general necromancer
Rob the complaining warlock
Dedfish the swordswoman
Jamesbond the necromancer
Dara the necromancess
Cenedra the lovely mage
Lowfields the necromancer
Drizzle the wobbly mage

Joined by Jamesbond, bash participants Zedar, Rob, Dedfish, Dara, and Lowfields ventured out into The Land while Cenedra and Drizzle stayed in the tearoom to offer moral support. Similar to the previous week, Dara disposed of the fox, the scorpion, and the piglet early on.

The man and the thief were taken down in the pine forest, and Dara fought with the bison. Soon the bison went down. The bison had been one of the final three mobiles in the previous week's bash. Later on, someone else, not wishing the ending of this bash to be a similar story, took down one of the other final three from the previous week's bash, the spider.

Dedfish defeated half of the watersnakes, and then joined Zedar and Jamesbond to take out the other half.

Dara managed to use a prepared explosive to take down one of the giants, but not before having to deal with five goblins who fought with her. Afterward, she disposed of a number of goblins, though the chickens proved elusive, some hiding in small rooms.

Lowfields took down a giant or two. After giant3 fled from Lowfields, Zedar pursued it and dealt the finishing blow.

After finishing off the drake, Dara left the area while the others finished off the cows.

Dedfish took out most of the north mountain area mobiles (snowbird, pony, and such) and then teamed up with Zedar and Jamesbond to fight in the evil wood.

Dara took out ape0, and many of the other apes got upset about it and took out their frustrations on each other. Dara would find ape5, ape2, and ape4, and take them down.

Meanwhile, Jamesbond, Zedar, and Dedfish teamed up to take on the vampire and the wraith, and brought them down while Lowfields finished off goblin32.

Dara and Lowfields finished off the giant snake, and then worked together to take down the tiger. Lowfields had to flee while Dara dealt the finishing blow, but Lowfields would go on to deal with the mobiles on the upper floor of the pagoda.

Rob fought with the dwarfs in the dwarf realm, including the king and queen, and Zedar arrived to assist with the surlies.

Sealife was a problem. More than once, mishaps occurred at sea when attempting to take down the sharks. There was rain, and there was the time Zedar ended up fleeing from a shark. But soon, the sealife was sent to the bottom.

Dedfish found the ox and disposed of it.

As the mobile count went down to 12, there was WHing and shouting. Stag, swan, boar, zombie7, and others were left. Dara took down the boar, and arrived while Dedfish and Rob were fighting the stag (Dedfish with the billhook, Rob with Valetant, and Dara with the rice flail). The swan was also disposed of.

The lion spawned, and was sighted in the center of the graveyard along with the summoned skeleton0, both of whom were taken down by Rob.

Rob also fought with the monk, which was one of the last five mobiles remaining.

With the wolf and the golem (and bee0) the last mobiles left, there was a search for wolfsbane. Rob found it and went to the wolf, and bee0 was taken down. With golem the last one remaining, there came the meditating with Dara and Dedfish helping.

The golem went down, and the mobile bash was successful with 28 minutes to spare. Rob kindly left the icons and the keep treasure in the hut for any who wanted it.

And so this bash was a success, thanks to great teamwork in many areas. We'll have to wait and see what awaits us in the weeks to come.

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Joined: Oct 31, 2001
Posts: 545
From: I can't remember!
Posted: 26-04-2024 12:19   
Amazing job on the report, thank you for doing it!

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Joined: Mar 05, 2002
Posts: 264
Posted: 03-05-2024 03:42   
The mobile bash for May 2, 2024 started off quickly after over a half dozen players arrived at the start of the set. Almost instantly, giants opened, meaning this was going to have an extra challenge. When the bash started, the following players were around.

Heiach the chimerical wizard
Sibylla the voyager
Snypster the warlock
Dedfish the sorceress
Lowfields the necromancer
Dara the necromancess
Drizzle the wobbly mage
Rob the bash-general warlock

Rob was named bash-general this time around (Zedar, who was voted bash general in at least two consecutive bashes, was absent this week). Dara ran into the thief early on, and decided to give players relief from the grief caused by the thief. Dara also took care of the fox, the coot, and the scorpion before attending the bash's first and only pillar use.

Dedfish took out the stag and the raven and some other surface mobiles, including the banshee (with the help of an invisible warlock). Lowfields at some point got rid of the bees.

Dara disposed of a zombie or two on the way to obtaining something explosive, which was tossed into giant1's location. After that, Dara, Lowfields, and Dedfish went to work in the area around the giants' house, clearing out a great many mobiles. Many goblins, as well as chickens, fell in the events that followed. Highlights included Dara and Dedfish against the cows. Lowfields, meanwhile, was fighting giant3 when Dara joined in at the right time to speed up the fight. The giant fled, but the two players were quick on the re-attacks, and soon THIS happened:

The giant3 misses you.
You hear sinews tearing, as Lowfields the necromancer hits the giant3 with his
two-handed sword.
You have killed the giant3.
(Persona saved on +278 = 42,524).
The giant3 has just passed on.
*Lowfields the giant-killing necromancer makes some magical gestures.
Lowfields the giant-killing necromancer has just left.
Stony ground.
It is raining. You spot a shiny, silver nugget down by your feet. Glinting in
the light is a shiny, silver nugget.
Heiach the chimerical wizard
Sibylla the wayfarer
Snypster the warlock
Dedfish the sorceress
Lowfields the giant-killing necromancer
Dara the giant-killing necromancess
Drizzle the wobbly mage

Now that Lowfields and Dara earned their giant-killing prefixes, Dara went south and into the giants house, where she ran into a goblin and giant2. Unfortunately, Dara had to flee from giant2, and Lowfields finished off giant2 without her. Dara was able to eat a leftover wafer to recover stamina, and then headed off to the apes area to fight with ape0.

Rob and Sibylla did keep, with Sibylla helping to get past a certain puzzle obstacle and earning the prefix 'uplifting'. Rob managed to complete the fight with the maiden without any crows summoned or taking much damage.

Meanwhile, Sibylla took down the pike, just as ape0 went down. Dedfish fought with the watersnakes. Dara finished off the north mountain mobiles while the distant RHOAAAUUUAURRRRGGGGGGHGHHHGHHHH let everyone in The Land know that Rob had dealt with the dragon. Rob went on to start dishing out damage in the dwarf realm. Helmsman, meanwhile, joined the bash effort and requested a prefix (since everyone else had one at this point), resulting in this who list.

Heiach the chimerical wizard
Helmsman the mayonnaise warrior
Sibylla the dragonfly-slaying, uplifting rover
Dedfish the cow-clobbering sorceress
Lowfields the giant-killing necromancer
Dara the giant-killing necromancess
Drizzle the wobbly mage
Rob the dragon-slaying, bash-general warlock

The apes had gone crazy over the events of the bash, and some took out their frustrations on each other, with apes 5, 6, and 7 fighting apes 1 and 4. Dara would later find apes 4 and 5, weakened from these fights, and finish them off. Dedfish, however, lost her magic when fighting the man and spent much of the remainder of the bash without magic.

Lowfields, meanwhile, took on and ascended the pagoda, taking out the mobiles on the upper floor. Dara tracked down the man, who had survived the earlier fight which cost Dedfish her magic, and finished him off. Helmsman, meanwhile, led in taking out the remaining goblins.

Rob fought with the ghoul while Dara dealt with the swan. At this point, there was a lot of WHing to determine which mobiles we'd missed. Giant0 was still around, and so was Zombie7 in the west tomb, the surly dwarf guards, and a few other dwarfs. With this in mind, Dara rushed to the dwarf citadel to help out in dealing with the leftovers.

Dara was greeted by the old female dwarf40 and female dwarf34, the latter of whom challenged her to a deadly game of poker. But Dara triumphed over her adversary, and joined with Rob and Sibylla to take down the surlies.

Dedfish found the longsword and used it to fight and defeat the last remaining water-snake. Sibylla and Rob disposed of the ogre. Rob and Sibylla went to sea to take on the sealife. After Rob rid the sea of the jellyfish, there were eight mobiles left: Giant0, Skeleton0, wolf, giant snake, spider, moth, tiger, and golem.

After the wolf disturbed The Land by loudly baying AAAOOOOOOHHHH, the wolf was disposed of. Dedfish took out the giant snake, with help from Lowfields wielding a bucket.

Helmsman, meanwhile, fought with the spider but greatly underestimated the spider and its poison. He had to re-enter The Land, and with some help from Sibylla, dispatched the spider.

Lowfields fought with giant0, but was forced to flee. As a result, giant0 was worth 909 points. Dara, however, rushed into the area while the giant0 was still critically injured, and successfully brought down the last of the giants. This left only 3 mobiles remaining. Skeleton0, the tiger, and the golem.

Rob summoned the skeleton0 to the hut, and five players (Rob, Dara, Dedfish, Helmsman, and Sibylla) made short work of the last remaining undead creature in the set. Soon, Lowfields, Dara, and Helmsman (and an invisible Rob) hunted the tiger and brought it down. And so the golem once again was the last mobile remaining.

Dedfish spammed meditation, and Rob went into the golem's chamber to fight with the golem at the 32 minute mark. With 31 minutes remaining in the set, the following happened:

Heiach the chimerical wizard
Sibylla the uplifting rover
Helmsman the poisoned hero
Dedfish the cow-clobbering championne
Lowfields the giant-killing necromancer
Dara the giant-killing necromancess
Drizzle the wobbly mage
*You feel as if a tremendous evil has been rid from The Land! No pawns of
darkness sully it with their presence. The relief of generations of souls
floods through your being!
(Persona saved on +3,000 = 47,552).
0 alive, 294 dead.

With no less than six active participants throughout the bash, with pagoda and giant area both open, and with 31 minutes remaining, the bash was a success. Icons and other treasures were left in the hut for others to collect before heading back to the tearoom for the post-bash chat. Dedfish headed to the touchstone, and thankfully survived and recovered her lost magic.


There was a bit of experimentation afterward that caused the overgrown forest/roc nest area to open, as well as another ape to appear, but most of us didn't feel like going back out. The bash had already been successful, after all, and you only get the 3k bonus reward once per set. So we stayed in the tearoom, talking about the bash and the highlights of it. Helmsman's fight with the spider and Lowfields' encounter with giant0 were talked about, and Rob noted how the monk got in the way again for the second bash in a row.

We also spoke with Heiach about the possibilities of other events besides the bashes. One idea that came up is the 'treasure bash', where we seek to find and swamp all the treasure in The Land. But that's a subject for another thread.

In the meantime, this was a fun and successful bash. We'll have to wait and see what future mobile bashes might hold for us. In the meantime, others are free to add their observations, and point out any details I missed.

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Joined: Jun 20, 2022
Posts: 3
Posted: 03-05-2024 13:50   
This was the first time Dedf1sh experienced the problem of 'running out of magic', and found herself fully expecting to get obliterated by the touchstone after getting through the bash (surviving the touchstone twice!? ).

The Man seemed to have the same idea, turning himself invisible and unilaterally departing the fight (without fleeing) shortly after this mishap, with all the exaggerated unviewable swagger of an invis muser untouchable by mere low-stamina fighters, knowing that Dedf1sh would end up meeting the same fate as most Champion(ne)s soon enough anyway.

Despite having this sense of foreboding looming over her during the rest of the bash, Dedf1sh didn't let that dissuade her from putting her all into the bashing effort - and was pleased about finding the longsword (it was in the rocky pit this week). Her lack of magic also didn't prevent her from stumbling upon the moth - in fact, it actually helped, as she found it whilst looking for the Snugglepuss, which (unbeknownst to her due to a lack of WH) was already dead. And so, the bash concluded, and Dedf1sh, knowing her time was up, opted to go out in style.

She was pleasantly surprised when she found herself still alive (albeit at the cost of an amazing punchline) - making this the first time she survived a bash without dying any stupid deaths or death deaths.

Granted, she promptly decided to throw some science against the wall, making her way over to the pagoda to enter the coffin to see if any Strange Things would happen - in turn earning herself a stupid death by returning to monke in the name of science. Of course, Strange Things ultimately didn't happen, but she at least made the pagoda ape-free again afterwards.

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Joined: Mar 05, 2002
Posts: 264
Posted: 18-05-2024 05:38   
The mobile bash on Thursday May 16, 2024 began with the following:

Heiach the chimerical wizard
Dara the sorceress
Zedar the warlock
Dedfish the sorceress
Drizzle the wobbly mage
Sibylla the pioneer

Sibylla would not stay, and Blitzen would show up later.

When the bash began, some of us encountered some of the more vexing mobiles early on. According to Dedfish's own account of the start of the bash, Dedfish had an amazing start to the bash - instantly getting ambushed by the vampire, and having to flee (but ultimately getting blocked by the vampire anyway upon trying to leave the area, eventually qq-ing and re-entering The Land around Dally Lane). Zedar was able to kill the Vampire.

Meanwhile, Dara had encountered the thief at the upper floors of the inn and decided to get the thief out of the way early. As she finished the thief off, it was announced that the vampire had been disposed of, but the wraith was still around.

*(Zedar the bash-general warlock) shouts "v dead".
You have just been woken up!
Your stamina is 55.
*A female voice in the distance cheers.
*(Zedar the bash-general warlock) shouts "but the wraith guards your items".

The wraith would not be dealt with until MUCH later in the set. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. While Dedfish rested and recovered, Dara disposed of the fox and the piglet. Meanwhile, Dedf1sh grabbed the mallet and proceeded to bash the dove and the boar, but very nearly got killed by the stag (stag-gering away on only 8 stamina!)

Zedar was able to come in and finish off the stag, whilst Dedf1sh tried to sleep off the pain in the cowshed. Zedar would move on to fight the basilisk. Having finished with the bees in the maze while the stag fights were happening, Dara moved to the cellar to fight rats. She would later join with the others for the pillar event before heading back to the cellar to rid it of the rest of the rats. At this point, Blitzen had joined the bash.

(updated screenshot with who list including Blitzen goes here - Snypster has not arrived yet)

Dedfish found the beetle and managed to kill it. Dara ventured to the dragon island and fed the dragon the item that would result in the delayed reaction death, as pagoda opened.

According to Dedfish's recounting of what happened, Dedfish and Zedar valiantly fought the ram, but the ram managed to bamboozle Dedf1sh as it unsuccessfully attempted to flee. Dedf1sh opted the best thing to do now would be to venture into the scriptorium and kill the hunchback. Great success!

Zedar, meanwhile, reported that the ram had been finished off. Dara ventured into pagoda area and fought with ape0, causing ape0's followers to go their separate ways and, unfortunately for them, have a rather brutal falling out. Dedfish went into the villa to kill the snugglepuss and nab some t, however, upon reaching the swamp, the banshee saw an opportunity for some easy points - and Dedfish narrowly escaped on 14 stamina.

On the bright side, this happened soon afterward.

*In the distance, you hear the terrible RHOAAAUUUAURRRRGGGGGGHGHHHGHHHH of a dragon dying.

The bash is going well

Zedar announced that the mine was flooding, as Dara fought with the pony. Dara finished off the north mountain mobiles and went after remaining apes, taking out ape2 and ape9. Then fought with monk. When Ape8 went down, the following message was sent throughout The Land.

*For your information: there are 75 mobiles still alive.
You wake up!
Your stamina is 81.
Time-stamp: 21:48:01 on 16-MAY-2024.
This is reset 115570, using slot 0.
An auto-reset will be initiated in approximately 57 minutes.

Not long after this, Zedar announced he needed some help finishing off skeleton1 in the gorse. Dara rushed to assist him, and skeleton1 was so overwhelmed it just fell apart.

Dedfish, meanwhile, found herself a shiny new pickaxe, and ventured under the well to start mining some uhh snakes. Zedar, meanwhile, invaded the dwarfs.

As Dara fought with the giant snake, Zedar announced that he had to flee from the dwarf king and queen. However, with help from Blitzen and intervention from a certain other, the king and queen were disposed of before they could enjoy their expanded power too much.

Zedar finished off the surlies, and Dara soon used up the last of her wafers fighting the tiger. Dedfish soon announced that the watersnakes were done.

Blitzen decided to attempt the touchstone, and Zedar offered to leave some treasure in the hut in case Blitzen failed.

*Zedar the bash-general warlock shouts "if the ts is unsuccesful, there is
treasure in the hut afterwards for you to get a bit back".
A female voice in the distance shouts "anyway under well is done".

The others wished Blitzen well, but unfortunately THIS happened:

(Zedar the bash-general warlock) shouts "Blitzen noooooo!".

No-one above novice level has died in a fight this reset.
The following non-first-game players have died to the touchstone this reset:
Blitzen the champion, short of luck by a very small amount.
*A female voice in the distance shouts "nooooooooooo!".
*(Zedar the bash-general warlock) shouts "Condolences buddy.".

(screenshot optional)

At least Blitzen had the means to bounce back, with the aforementioned treasure in the hut and some other means. Dara, meanwhile, had her own difficulties with the man. She had to flee from him earlier, and needed the help of Zedar in the rematch.

Diabolus Ex Machina

Things were looking good in the bash, and it seemed all the players needed to do was WH the mobiles that had eluded us. There were 30 mobiles left with 25 minutes left to go.

But then our team of mobile bashers were presented with a Diabolus Ex Machina (the evil opposite of a Deus Ex Machina, where something comes out of nowhere to make things WORSE for the protagonists instead of better) in the form of the giant realm opening.

*In the distance, you hear the terrifying sound of rock splitting!

83 alive, 214 dead.
Time-stamp: 22:19:47 on 16-MAY-2024.
This is reset 115570, using slot 0.
An auto-reset will be initiated in approximately 25 minutes.
Seifer the smokey wizard
Heiach the chimerical wizard
Snypster the warlock
Dedfish the sorceress
Blitzen the surrealist champion
Dara the dragon-slaying sorceress
Cenedra the lovely mage
Zedar the bash-general warlock
Drizzle the wobbly mage

(screenshot optional)

To be clear, the giants realm opening isn't really a problem if it happens at the start of the bash or within the first few minutes. Then all the players are ready to take on the several extra mobiles (including but not limited to the giants themselves), and can do so with careful planning. But when giants realm opens late in the bash, when there's 30 mobiles remaining and 25 minutes left to go, then things get a lot more awkward. The late arrival of Snypster had accidentally caused the giants realm to open, providing the mobiles with unexpected reinforcements.

(Oh, and redwoods also was opened up, but the wizzes intervened and decided to take down the redwoods mobiles themselves, since the late in the set opening of giants was enough of a raised difficulty level for the bash).

The previously optimistic mood changed, and now everyone was doubtful that they would be able to take down the additional mobiles before time ran out. However, we decided to at least try our best. On a brighter note, Blitzen made it to champion again and this time was able to use the touchstone and survive.

At this point, it was a race against time. Dara had an accident carrying explosives, and had to log back in and fight fissure goblins. The explosive in question was brought back by a generous wiz, and Dara was able to use it to blow up a giant and goblins in the shrine area, but not before having to fight a group of goblins the old-fashioned way. Dedfish joined in with that fight.

Dedfish also helped Zedar with the spider, and killed it, then managed to qq and re-enter before the spider's poison finished her.

As time was running low, there were shouts about wounded giants, while Dara fought with more goblins with eleven minutes left to go. Heiach offered an extension for the time limit. Zedar Wh'ed zombies, finding 27, z9, and z3 (the latter two in graveyard, while zombie7 was still in the mausoleum). Zedar finished off the wraith (which was still around after the vampire was taken out at the beginning), and Heiach announced that giant2 was very injured.

Dara found giant2 seriously injured, and fought to finish it off. She did so, and used some wafers found in the vicinity to help recover. It was also announced that the wolf, the swan, and the stegosaurus had been among the 30 mobiles that remained before giant area opened. Dara finished off another goblin while they (and the aforementioned zombies) were being dealt with.

The valiant efforts of the players managed to get the mobile count down to 39.

Time-stamp: 22:42:58 on 16-MAY-2024.
This is reset 115570, using slot 0.
An auto-reset will be initiated in approximately 2 minutes.
39 alive, 258 dead.
*sh 39 with 2 minutes left...
You shout "39 with 2 minutes left...".
*Zedar the bash-general warlock shouts "with a possible extension...".

Dedfish fought with the zombies that were roaming the graveyard, and then the ghoul. And then we had the extension.

*Auto-reset initiated, you have 120 seconds to finish up. No further warnings
will be issued!
*The impending reset has been postponed by 900 seconds. It will now occur in
1020 seconds' time.

Zedar the bash-general warlock cheers.
You cheer.
*Zedar the bash-general warlock shouts "thanks!".
*A female voice in the distance shouts "pizza tower - it's pizza time".
*Zedar the bash-general warlock shouts "ichthyosaurus".

Cows and chickens in the area not far from the giants house were soon taken out. Dara and Helmsman (who had shown up around this point) would finish off the bull. Soon, some people were going back to doing what they were doing before the giant area opened up - namely, WHing to find out which mobiles were left.

Zedar the bash-general warlock shouts "z7, wolf, swan, stegosaurus, spider,
phoenix, octopus, mongoose, mammoth, ichthyosaurus, ghost, coot, ammonite".

Dara discoved the ammonite in the hut and disposed of it, leaving 16 mobiles left. With 5 minutes left, it was a rush to see how many could be taken out. The swan was fought. Dedfish took out some leftover dwarfs.

In the end, though the players made a valiant effort, the bash ended with 7 mobiles (including golem) surviving. The set came to an end, and everyone ended up in the tearoom.

Post-bash thoughts and wrapup

Despite the fact that technically the players did not succeed in the goal of the mobile bash - namely getting rid of all the mobiles in one set - the mood was still pretty good in the post-bash meeting. Everyone generally agreed that we gave it a good effort anyway.

Things got in a festive mood afterward, with holiday or party decorations and champagne brought to the tearoom and everyone being temporarily given festive prefixes.

*Heiach the festive wizard waves.
*Blitzen the festive sorcerer exclaims "See you all soon!".
Folly the festive necromancer has soaked you in a spray of champagne.

All in all, an amazing bash with some twists and turns that helped to illustrate how no two sets - and in particular, no two mobile bashes - are alike. One never knows just what may happen, and that's part of the fun. Who knows what might await players in future bashes?

In any case, that concludes the writeup for the May 16, 2024 mobile bash. As always, participants can feel free to post their notes and observations.

Special thanks to Dedfish and Zedar and their notes (some of which were directly quoted in this writeup), as well as Dara's notes.

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