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General ChatThe future of MUDFoddy31-10-2006 23:24
General Chatsp4Mm3H!!!!11Foddy31-08-2001 19:06
General ChatEaster EventsFoddy31-03-2010 22:44
General Technical QuestionsAnother BB bug (sorry foddy :E)Foddy30-08-2001 18:53
General Chatlogging onFoddy30-04-2005 18:21
General ChatNewbie-friendly WebsiteFoddy29-10-2006 19:15
General Technical QuestionsLogsFoddy29-08-2007 16:10
General Technical QuestionsBB softwareFoddy29-08-2001 22:23
General Technical QuestionsBB softwareFoddy29-08-2001 20:58
General Technical QuestionsEditing my preferencesFoddy29-08-2001 19:34
General Technical QuestionsEditing my preferencesFoddy29-08-2001 19:04
General ChatNew pricesFoddy29-04-2002 18:59
General ChatPostal paymentsFoddy29-01-2002 16:22
General ChatFree MUD this ChristmasFoddy28-11-2005 20:25
General ChatWorldPay downtimeFoddy28-10-2003 08:24
General ChatKarya the arch-witchFoddy28-05-2005 23:30
General ChatNew pricesFoddy28-04-2002 00:08
General ChatChristmas is coming.......Foddy27-12-2002 20:05
General ChatLand Design competition - results!Foddy27-06-2005 00:01
General ChatLand design competitionFoddy27-03-2005 20:28
General ChatNew website layoutFoddy26-11-2006 20:43
General ChatNew website layoutFoddy26-11-2006 12:05
General ChatLand Design competition - results!Foddy26-06-2005 23:25
General ChatLand design competitionFoddy26-03-2005 23:54
General ChatQuiz NightFoddy26-03-2002 21:20
General ChatFree MUDFoddy25-12-2005 12:38
Game SuggestionsPOTM and DOTMFoddy25-11-2001 19:32
General ChatMUD2's long term planFoddy25-09-2006 20:19
General ChatElectron cardsFoddy25-08-2002 19:49
General Chatwhat's going on?Foddy24-05-2005 23:58
General Chatwhat's going on?Foddy24-05-2005 20:59
General ChatLand design competition - vote now!Foddy24-05-2005 20:46
General Chatwhat's going on?Foddy24-05-2005 19:46
General ChatHelp test the new Website MUD client!Foddy24-01-2007 19:08
General Chat-.-Foddy24-01-2007 19:04
General ChatPublicity: Laptop "" banner sticker? Other ideas...Foddy24-01-2007 18:55
General ChatWireplay persona names!Foddy23-08-2001 23:08
General ChatPersona namesFoddy23-08-2001 13:57
General Technical QuestionsFetchesFoddy22-11-2001 20:14
General ChatWireplay persona names!Foddy22-11-2001 20:03
General ChatJuly EventFoddy22-07-2003 23:12
General ChatEmergency maintenanceFoddy22-07-2003 22:56
General ChatLand design competitionFoddy22-05-2005 18:26
General ChatPublicity: Laptop "" banner sticker? Other ideas...Foddy22-01-2007 19:44
General ChatDowntime this SaturdayFoddy22-01-2003 23:57
General Technical QuestionsConverting pay per play to peak hour subFoddy22-01-2002 18:38
WebsitesMuddled Times/ 21:32
General ChatWe need more smileys!!Foddy21-08-2001 19:15
General ChatArch-wizzesFoddy21-06-2003 23:38
General ChatShattered Realms - MUD MergerFoddy21-04-2002 22:41
General ChatMUDMeet picturesFoddy21-04-2002 22:10
Account QuestionsCan I have my account back?Foddy20-08-2001 21:30
MUD2 Clientsthe state of mud2pj (v0.9c)Foddy19-11-2006 19:04
General ChatWe need more smileys!!Foddy19-08-2001 22:38
General ChatHello...Foddy19-08-2001 22:37
General ChatWelcome to the new forums!Foddy19-08-2001 21:11
General ChatThursday NightFoddy19-02-2005 14:50
Account QuestionsAccount activityFoddy19-02-2002 10:28
General ChatAn announcementFoddy19-01-2006 23:25
Account Questionsdeath by... dropped phone line??Foddy19-01-2003 11:51
General ChatTNC updateFoddy18-10-2009 18:00
General Technical QuestionsAnother BB bug (sorry foddy :E) v2.0Foddy18-09-2001 21:19
General ChatSorcerer WarFoddy17-10-2002 13:06
Game SuggestionsPOTM and DOTMFoddy17-10-2001 09:01
General ChatPassing on a request for helpFoddy17-07-2007 23:08
General ChatPay less for MUD!Foddy17-01-2002 19:06
General ChatWebsite UpdateFoddy16-12-2006 13:00
WebsitesFAO: Jericho - I just read your column :)Foddy16-10-2001 23:48
WebsitesLies, Damn Lies, And StatisticsFoddy16-05-2002 00:22
General ChatLand design competitionFoddy16-04-2005 23:34
General ChatMUD CHAT SUMMARY (long)Foddy16-03-2005 21:48
General ChatMUD CHAT SUMMARY (long)Foddy16-03-2005 00:46
General ChatPostal paymentsFoddy16-02-2002 22:55
General ChatNewbie-friendly WebsiteFoddy15-10-2006 23:22
General ChatNewbie-friendly WebsiteFoddy15-10-2006 23:21
General ChatMUD2's long term planFoddy15-10-2006 22:39
General ChatSorcerer WarFoddy15-10-2002 23:56
WebsitesFAO: Jericho - I just read your column :)Foddy15-10-2001 23:29
Game SuggestionsPOTM and DOTMFoddy15-10-2001 19:17
Game SuggestionsThe great syn thread :)Foddy15-10-2001 16:00
Game SuggestionsMUD 4E(41)Foddy15-06-2003 11:16
General ChatDowntime this Wednesday morningFoddy14-10-2003 00:01
General ChatLand design competitionFoddy14-03-2005 19:55
General ChatSo, where the hell are y'all?Foddy14-01-2002 23:28
General ChatLink to MUDFoddy13-12-2006 22:47
General ChatNew versionFoddy13-11-2005 22:22
General ChatNew versionFoddy13-11-2005 14:22
General ChatLinux is a bitch.Foddy13-10-2001 12:48
General ChatSorcerer WarFoddy13-07-2003 22:24
Account QuestionsIsn't it a little unfair...Foddy13-05-2002 22:44
General ChatLand design competitionFoddy13-03-2005 22:14
General ChatSo, where the hell are y'all?Foddy13-01-2002 16:48
General ChatWebsite UpdateFoddy12-12-2006 22:47
General ChatMUD2's long term planFoddy12-09-2006 23:42
Account Questionsvise electronFoddy12-03-2002 18:36
WebsitesFAQFoddy12-01-2003 23:37
General ChatEvent VoteFoddy12-01-2003 23:33
General Chatoffical mudmeet dateFoddy11-08-2005 23:04
General ChatNothing to LoseFoddy10-12-2003 22:31
General ChatChristmas CoverFoddy10-12-2003 22:23
General ChatLinux is a bitch.Foddy10-10-2001 20:13
General ChatMUD2's long term planFoddy10-09-2006 12:34
General ChatSorcerer WarFoddy10-07-2002 00:57
General ChatHellllooooooFoddy08-05-2005 19:26
General ChatLand design competitionFoddy08-05-2005 19:23
General ChatThis weekendFoddy08-03-2003 23:38
General ChatIntroduce a Friend!Foddy08-01-2002 23:48
General ChatMUD2's long term planFoddy07-09-2006 22:58
General ChatMUD2's long term planFoddy07-09-2006 22:49
General ChatEaster EventsFoddy07-04-2010 22:55
General ChatHelp test the new Website MUD client!Foddy07-01-2007 20:45
General ChatMUD2's long term planFoddy06-09-2006 22:53
General ChatJoejitzu the wizardFoddy06-04-2005 23:57
General ChatRoyston is Unstoppable!Foddy04-11-2008 22:24
Account Questionsif i wanted to pay.....Foddy04-11-2002 08:38
General ChatNewbie-friendly WebsiteFoddy04-10-2006 19:43
General ChatNewbie-friendly WebsiteFoddy04-10-2006 19:36
MUD2 ClientsWebsite MUD client problemFoddy04-06-2007 21:49
General ChatNetwork disruption tonightFoddy04-03-2003 09:39 home page Safari problemFoddy04-01-2007 23:15
General ChatPopulationFoddy04-01-2007 23:05
General ChatSeptember POTM/DOTMFoddy03-09-2003 00:12
General ChatMuddled Times and Admiral Bombow's ChroniclesFoddy03-04-2002 13:09
General ChatChristmas MUDFoddy02-12-2003 22:47
General ChatChristmas MUD!Foddy02-12-2002 21:00
General ChatThe future of MUDFoddy02-11-2006 20:21
General ChatPOTM/DOTMFoddy02-07-2003 00:10
General ChatDecember POTM/DOTMFoddy01-12-2003 22:14
General ChatThe future of MUDFoddy01-11-2006 19:41
General ChatFAQFoddy01-11-2006 19:37
General ChatOctober POTM/DOTMFoddy01-10-2003 00:03
General Technical QuestionsAnother BB bug (sorry foddy :E) v2.0Foddy01-09-2001 22:12
General Technical QuestionsAnother BB bug (sorry foddy :E) v2.0Foddy01-09-2001 22:01
General closed?Foddy01-08-2008 09:28
General ChatAugust POTM/DOTMFoddy01-08-2003 12:51
General ChatEaster EventsFoddy01-04-2010 21:29
Websiteshow about an RSS feed for the forum content?Foddy01-03-2007 21:55
General ChatHelp test the new Website MUD client!Foddy01-01-2007 19:09

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