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Websitesimmersion and addiction.trollsmash31-12-2014 22:20
General ChatBash report 18/12/2014 ?trollsmash31-01-2015 22:57
General ChatGinger nutstrollsmash30-09-2013 00:56
General ChatBash 30 August 2012trollsmash30-08-2012 00:30
MUD2 ClientsClio Version 1.7 Released.trollsmash29-11-2014 15:28
General ChatLast Night's Bash 12/6trollsmash29-09-2012 15:20
MUD2 ClientsHELPtrollsmash29-04-2015 22:43
General ChatHalloween Mud Bashtrollsmash28-10-2014 22:51
Game SuggestionsI suggest.....trollsmash28-10-2014 22:48
General ChatGinger nutstrollsmash28-09-2013 13:48
General ChatMulberry's Unique Cookie Luggage next yeartrollsmash27-06-2012 17:47
Other GamesRoyston's antics in another place.trollsmash27-04-2014 14:35
General ChatBash Report 23/01/2014-trollsmash27-01-2014 10:28
General Chatholiday picstrollsmash26-10-2013 11:45
General ChatWaterbending threadtrollsmash26-08-2014 21:09
General ChatThe Tearoomtrollsmash26-07-2012 19:25
General ChatPoll for MTtrollsmash26-03-2014 20:13
General ChatRichard gets his just deserts...trollsmash25-10-2010 19:40
General ChatGame Stucktrollsmash25-04-2015 12:44
General ChatMudmeet 14/12/13trollsmash24-11-2013 16:23
MUD2 Clientsv1.6.1 adds many small touchestrollsmash24-09-2015 15:12
General ChatI didn't know you could do that..trollsmash24-09-2015 14:58
MUD2 ClientsWebsite MUD client problemtrollsmash24-07-2012 20:28
General ChatLast Night's Bash (20/5/2010)trollsmash24-05-2010 14:15
MUD2 Clientsmud client for ipad?trollsmash23-08-2013 01:16
General Technical QuestionsUsing HTML in forum poststrollsmash23-07-2013 19:54
General ChatLast Night's Bash (20/5/2010)trollsmash23-05-2010 16:24
General ChatBash 13/02/2014+trollsmash23-02-2014 20:13
General Technical QuestionsUsing HTML in forum poststrollsmash22-07-2013 19:19
Game SuggestionsI suggest ...trollsmash22-07-2013 19:05
General ChatBash Report 21/07/2011-trollsmash22-07-2011 13:05
General ChatBash Report 12/6/2014 -trollsmash22-06-2014 15:40
General ChatPossible venue for a mudmeet next year.trollsmash22-06-2012 16:57
WebsitesI do Let's Plays now! Have a look :)trollsmash22-03-2013 20:26
General ChatWhere is everybody?trollsmash22-02-2016 17:52
General ChatBash report 18/12/2014 ?trollsmash21-12-2014 15:36
General ChatGiant Bash 27 March 2014trollsmash21-03-2014 23:45
General ChatBash result 19/07 +trollsmash20-07-2012 10:49
General ChatMUD2 t-shirt?trollsmash20-06-2016 17:00
General ChatThe End Of A Era...trollsmash20-06-2012 18:23
MUD2 ClientsHELPtrollsmash20-04-2015 22:25
General ChatBash Report 16/4/15 +trollsmash20-04-2015 22:20
General ChatPantstrollsmash19-11-2013 19:10
MUD2 ClientsSpecifications for MUD2 FE codestrollsmash19-10-2013 00:28
General ChatFootball Joke (yes I know, I'm sorry).trollsmash19-06-2012 22:13
General Technical QuestionsA couple of MUDDLE questions...trollsmash19-05-2012 22:34
General ChatGiant Bash - 19/12/2013trollsmash18-12-2013 23:39
General ChatHintstrollsmash18-11-2012 20:52
General ChatBash report 16/10/2014+trollsmash18-10-2014 12:57
General ChatDear Footpad,trollsmash18-10-2014 12:33
General ChatMy CMUD closes after inactivity *resolved*trollsmash18-07-2013 01:32
General ChatBash / Quest report 15/5/14trollsmash18-05-2014 20:13
General ChatBash Report 16/01/2014-trollsmash18-01-2014 11:37
Other Gameseveryone ignore this posttrollsmash17-11-2013 20:59
General Technical QuestionsUsing HTML in forum poststrollsmash17-07-2013 13:50
General ChatBash?trollsmash17-05-2016 21:12
General ChatThe thief has stolen the longsword from you!trollsmash17-05-2012 23:29
General ChatThe thief has stolen the longsword from you!trollsmash17-05-2012 22:26
General ChatiPadtrollsmash16-09-2013 10:53
General ChatQuiet, init?trollsmash16-07-2014 10:37
Films, TV and MusicMusic: Laura/Zalagar's recommendationstrollsmash16-07-2013 00:59
General Technical QuestionsA couple of MUDDLE questions...trollsmash16-05-2012 18:32
General Technical QuestionsHow do I...trollsmash16-05-2012 18:13
Films, TV and MusicThe Hunger Gamestrollsmash15-11-2014 14:20
MUD2 ClientsSpecifications for MUD2 FE codestrollsmash15-10-2013 23:36
General ChatThe Theorytrollsmash15-10-2010 21:02
General ChatFootball Joke (yes I know, I'm sorry).trollsmash15-06-2012 21:32
Game SuggestionsNew Versiontrollsmash15-06-2012 13:27
General Technical QuestionsA couple of MUDDLE questions...trollsmash15-06-2012 13:24
House NewsWOTBtrollsmash15-06-2012 13:15
Game SuggestionsNew Versiontrollsmash15-05-2012 22:50
General ChatImportant Announcementtrollsmash15-04-2013 22:06
General ChatGiants Bash Report - 6/3/14+trollsmash15-03-2014 13:42
Other GamesTwo wizzes and lava equals....?trollsmash15-03-2014 13:41
General ChatI Blame the Plinthtrollsmash14-12-2014 20:51
Films, TV and MusicThe Hunger Gamestrollsmash14-11-2014 19:14
General ChatAnyone Have Morrowind?trollsmash14-08-2011 00:56
General ChatSorrytrollsmash14-07-2015 20:30
General ChatMulberry's Unique Cookie Luggage next yeartrollsmash14-07-2012 01:43
General ChatBash resultstrollsmash14-07-2012 01:18
General ChatBash 13/06/1913+trollsmash14-06-2013 19:28
General ChatTop Mud Sites Reset again.trollsmash14-04-2011 16:04
General ChatFun at Essex Uni.trollsmash13-09-2014 20:04
General ChatWaterbending threadtrollsmash13-08-2014 16:46
Other GamesHexkitty - created by yours trulytrollsmash13-08-2013 00:38
General ChatFootball Joke (yes I know, I'm sorry).trollsmash13-06-2012 00:20
General ChatImportant Announcementtrollsmash13-04-2013 00:17
General ChatMuddled Timestrollsmash13-02-2013 22:36
General ChatBash Report 2013-10-10+trollsmash12-10-2013 21:19
General ChatWhat happened there (I'm confused)trollsmash12-06-2013 23:23
MUD2 ClientsHELPtrollsmash12-03-2015 22:34
Other GamesOld games revisited.trollsmash12-01-2015 19:26
General ChatBash Report 10/11/2011+trollsmash11-11-2011 18:08
Films, TV and MusicIn two millenia, we have learned what?trollsmash11-09-2014 14:19
General ChatAd Hoc Bashestrollsmash11-08-2011 14:55
Game SuggestionsNew Versiontrollsmash11-05-2012 22:23
General ChatWhat time does the top 10 change exactly?trollsmash10-12-2012 19:43
General ChatA few nasty remarks from me.trollsmash10-08-2012 19:31
Game SuggestionsNew Versiontrollsmash10-05-2012 23:53
General ChatMuddled Timestrollsmash10-02-2013 12:37
General ChatNEXT MUDMEETtrollsmash09-11-2014 09:51
General ChatGame Statstrollsmash09-11-2013 18:36
Films, TV and MusicRed Dwarftrollsmash09-10-2012 19:30
General Chatoakley monster dogtrollsmash09-05-2012 22:21
General ChatBash Report 07/02/2013+trollsmash09-02-2013 18:34
Other GamesOld games revisited.trollsmash09-01-2015 14:41
MUD2 Clientsfunction keys in mudiiclienttrollsmash08-12-2012 16:35
General ChatMUD 1 Source Codetrollsmash08-05-2014 13:27
General Technical Questionslogin problemtrollsmash08-03-2012 19:17
Films, TV and MusicThis has nothing to do with MUD but...trollsmash07-11-2014 13:13
General ChatLast day of term at Essex?trollsmash07-11-2012 18:50
General ChatTop MUD sites reset again!?trollsmash07-09-2012 00:11
General ChatBash 04/07/2013+ A brief note.trollsmash07-07-2013 12:50
General ChatSOLO BASH SUCCESS (with a little bit of gaia help)trollsmash07-07-2013 12:07
General ChatMudmeet 14/12/13trollsmash07-01-2014 22:26
MUD2 Clientsfunction keys in mudiiclienttrollsmash06-12-2012 21:48
General Chathatrollsmash06-12-2012 20:47
General ChatLast Night's Bash 12/6trollsmash06-10-2012 11:45
General ChatAnd yet another thing......trollsmash06-09-2011 19:25
General ChatSolo bash success(Heiach helped with Golem coz im too wussy to try fodding it)trollsmash06-04-2013 00:12
General ChatDragon Bashtrollsmash05-10-2011 23:38
General ChatBash Report04/08/2011+trollsmash05-08-2011 17:02
General ChatI havn't Gonetrollsmash05-05-2012 10:15
General ChatIt has all gone darktrollsmash05-04-2013 00:18
Other GamesHelp!trollsmash05-01-2014 11:51
General ChatBash Report 03/10/2013-trollsmash04-10-2013 23:45
General ChatAnyone play Everquest here?trollsmash04-09-2013 17:00
MUD2 Clientsmud client for ipad?trollsmash04-09-2013 00:41
General ChatSinking Helltrollsmash04-06-2010 18:38
General ChatBash 03/04/2014+trollsmash04-04-2014 19:22
General ChatDifference between a fan, a geek, and a nerd?trollsmash04-03-2014 18:58
General ChatTop MUD sites has reset again!trollsmash04-01-2014 12:41
General ChatBash Report 22/08/2013+trollsmash03-09-2013 20:03
General ChatSilly(?) Bash Ideatrollsmash03-09-2013 19:57
General Chattop mud sites reset, vote vote voe !trollsmash03-09-2011 17:49
General ChatAnd yet another thing......trollsmash03-09-2011 10:27
General ChatInitialising....trollsmash03-05-2014 17:02
General ChatTop MUD sites reset again!?trollsmash03-05-2012 13:34
General ChatAppeal to lift Bantrollsmash03-05-2012 13:07
General ChatI Blame the Plinthtrollsmash02-12-2014 18:09
General ChatHelp and Bash Report 31/10/2013+trollsmash02-11-2013 14:26
Other GamesE-Sportstrollsmash02-09-2014 20:40
General Chattop mud sites reset, vote vote voe !trollsmash02-09-2011 23:21
Other GamesRoyston's antics in another place.trollsmash02-05-2014 20:36
General ChatMUD 1 Source Codetrollsmash02-05-2014 13:18
General ChatGiant Bash - 01/05/2014trollsmash02-05-2014 12:44
General ChatTop MUD sites reset again!?trollsmash02-05-2012 23:04
MUD2 ClientsSpecifications for MUD2 FE codestrollsmash01-11-2013 11:01
Films, TV and MusicMusic to Mudii with..trollsmash01-11-2010 20:43
Films, TV and MusicHiking/Trampingtrollsmash01-09-2014 16:15
Films, TV and MusicHiking/Trampingtrollsmash01-09-2014 16:12
General ChatTop MUD sites reset again!?trollsmash01-07-2012 23:11
General ChatTop MUD sites has reset again!trollsmash01-02-2014 17:45
General ChatTop MUD sites has reset again!trollsmash01-01-2015 12:31

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