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General ChatWe survived the Mayans Big Bash 2013 One Time Only! Event (mud tips revealed).Turrican31-12-2012 11:05
Game SuggestionsNew VersionTurrican31-12-2010 15:27
MUD2 ClientsSpecifications for MUD2 FE codesTurrican31-10-2013 15:40
General ChatHalloween bashTurrican31-10-2012 15:48
General ChatA thread that doesn't have bash in the title!Turrican31-10-2011 20:50
Game SuggestionsGame Login NumberTurrican31-08-2010 18:46
General ChatRantTurrican31-07-2013 00:08
General ChatPoll for MTTurrican31-03-2014 23:29
General Chatspot the typo :)Turrican31-03-2010 08:46
General ChatWe survived the Mayans Big Bash 2013 One Time Only! Event (mud tips revealed).Turrican30-12-2012 20:13
General ChatBash Report 29/12/2011-Turrican30-12-2011 20:21
General ChatThursday's Quest (26/11/2009)Turrican30-11-2009 00:18
General ChatWhat I've Learned in MudiiTurrican30-10-2013 13:06
General ChatA Tale of WoeTurrican30-09-2009 21:30
General Chat Iviofe fluidiennoo ypsayrfiesme auvymea xuinp aunpiado claughoolde iafrai :PTurrican30-08-2013 08:32
General ChatFailureTurrican30-06-2010 11:33
Game SuggestionsNew VersionTurrican29-12-2010 17:48
General ChatThe snowman's avenger!Turrican29-12-2009 22:46
General ChatA thread that doesn't have bash in the title!Turrican29-10-2011 20:10
General ChatGinger nutsTurrican29-09-2013 09:07
General ChatBash Report 22/09/11+Turrican29-09-2011 20:55
General ChatThursdayTurrican29-09-2009 17:54
General ChatBash Report 25/08/2011+Turrican29-08-2011 15:36
General Chattues night resetTurrican29-08-2008 19:16
General ChatRace Event 2 25/07/2013Turrican29-07-2013 00:02
General ChatRantTurrican29-07-2013 00:01
General ChatFailureTurrican29-06-2010 18:37
General ChatVote for mudiiTurrican29-05-2010 21:44
General ChatVote for mudiiTurrican29-05-2010 16:39
General ChatLondon Mud MeetTurrican29-01-2010 11:30
General ChatThe snowman's avenger!Turrican28-12-2009 22:23
MUD2 ClientsSpecifications for MUD2 FE codesTurrican28-10-2013 09:39
General ChatThursdayTurrican28-09-2009 22:25
General ChatBash Report 25/08/2011+Turrican28-08-2011 21:22
General ChatHuh?Turrican28-07-2014 01:59
General ChatRantTurrican28-07-2013 14:52
General ChatQuestion regarding the points you get for killing MOsTurrican28-07-2013 13:04
General ChatRace Event 2 25/07/2013Turrican28-07-2013 01:15
General ChatBash report 25/07/2013+Turrican28-07-2013 01:11
General ChatJokeTurrican28-07-2011 19:33
General ChatPoll for MTTurrican28-03-2014 02:29
Films, TV and MusicTerry PratchetTurrican28-03-2011 20:29
General ChatBash Report 26/01/2012-Turrican28-01-2012 21:25
General ChatLast Night's Bash (19/11/2009)Turrican27-11-2009 00:05
General ChatBash Report 25/10/2012-Turrican27-10-2012 22:46
General ChatWizrunningTurrican27-10-2009 17:02
General ChatNext bashTurrican27-06-2010 18:54
General ChatNext bashTurrican27-06-2010 11:27
Game SuggestionsI suggest.....Turrican27-05-2014 01:22
General ChatMuddled Times - Oct 2009Turrican27-01-2012 21:12
General ChatBash BloopersTurrican26-12-2012 09:58
General ChatBash Report 23/12/2010Turrican26-12-2010 19:20
General ChatBash Report 24/10/2013-Turrican26-10-2013 06:45
General Chatholiday picsTurrican26-10-2013 06:43
General ChatWhat I've Learned in MudiiTurrican26-10-2013 06:39
General ChatBash Report 25/10/2012-Turrican26-10-2012 14:02
General ChatWizrunningTurrican26-10-2009 18:43
General ChatGet more new playersTurrican26-09-2009 21:31
General ChatGet more new playersTurrican26-09-2009 19:42
General ChatWaterbending threadTurrican26-08-2014 15:26
General ChatWho are they?Turrican26-08-2009 12:44
General ChatNext bashTurrican26-06-2010 07:23
Game SuggestionsForum name.Turrican26-05-2010 19:20
General ChatBash BloopersTurrican25-12-2012 07:37
General ChatWhat I've Learned in MudiiTurrican25-10-2013 18:28
General ChatJust a small point.Turrican25-09-2009 17:45
General ChatDragon Bash (24/09)Turrican25-09-2009 17:35
General ChatDragon Bash (24/09)Turrican25-09-2009 11:26
General ChatRequest for photos: MUD Meet Sept 2009Turrican25-09-2009 11:17
WebsitesMuddled TimesTurrican25-08-2010 12:35
General ChatBash Report 21/07/2011-Turrican25-07-2011 12:45
General ChatNext bashTurrican25-06-2010 08:17
General ChatLast Night's Bash (20/5/2010)Turrican25-05-2010 20:04
General ChatLast Night's Bash (18/02/10)Turrican25-02-2010 23:42
General ChatBash Report 22/09/11+Turrican24-09-2011 20:52
General ChatBash Report 22/09/11+Turrican24-09-2011 11:39
General ChatBash Report 21/07/2011-Turrican24-07-2011 10:57
General ChatHiyaTurrican24-06-2010 07:38
General ChatMud Version 4FTurrican24-06-2008 11:12
General ChatBash Report 19/05/2011-Turrican24-05-2011 19:16
General ChatLast Night's Bash (22/04/10)Turrican24-04-2010 10:37
General ChatBash Report 15/11/2012-Turrican23-11-2012 23:51
General ChatMistakes I made last set...Turrican23-11-2009 16:39
General ChatBash Report 21/10/.2011- UPDATETurrican23-10-2011 09:25
General ChatWizrunningTurrican23-10-2009 00:37
General Chatmud memoriesTurrican23-08-2013 19:41
General Chatmud memoriesTurrican23-08-2013 15:40
General ChatBash Report 22/08/2013+Turrican23-08-2013 15:34
MUD2 Clientsmud client for ipad?Turrican23-08-2013 15:21
General ChatBash Report 18/08/2011+Turrican23-08-2011 10:15
General Chatbash Report 17/07/2014+Turrican23-07-2014 19:38
General Technical QuestionsUsing HTML in forum postsTurrican23-07-2013 09:03
General ChatI predict Sabretooth is going to post a suggestion...Turrican23-07-2010 23:49
Game SuggestionsNew VersionTurrican23-05-2012 18:05
General ChatLast Night's Bash (20/5/2010)Turrican23-05-2010 17:08
General ChatSorcerer War League 3 - Sorc Harder!Turrican23-03-2011 18:05
General ChatBash 13/02/2014+Turrican23-02-2014 10:00
General ChatRant!Turrican23-02-2013 16:36
General ChatJust for the record.......Turrican23-02-2010 20:39
General ChatJust for the record.......Turrican23-02-2010 18:51
General ChatJust for the record.......Turrican23-02-2010 14:19
General ChatKung Hei Fat ChoyTurrican23-01-2012 13:00
General ChatThe End of the World!!Turrican22-12-2012 22:10
General ChatMerry Christmas and a happy new yearTurrican22-12-2009 16:55
General ChatGet voting! RANK 40!!!Turrican22-09-2010 20:36
General ChatPetitionTurrican22-09-2009 12:51
General ChatMud Version 4FTurrican22-06-2008 00:59
General ChatBash Report 19/05/2011-Turrican22-05-2011 20:17
General ChatBash Report 18/04/13+Turrican22-04-2013 06:45
General ChatSorcerer War League 3 - Sorc Harder!Turrican22-03-2011 20:26
General ChatLast Night's Bash (21/1/10)Turrican22-01-2010 19:49
General ChatChristmasTurrican21-12-2009 12:11
General ChatChristmasTurrican21-12-2009 08:00
General Chatbash 17/11/11+Turrican21-11-2011 16:28
General ChatPetitionTurrican21-09-2009 23:49
General ChatLast Night's Bash (17/09)Turrican21-09-2009 15:56
General ChatLast Night's Bash (17/09)Turrican21-09-2009 00:00
General ChatBash Report 18/07/2013+Turrican21-07-2013 17:17
General ChatHiyaTurrican21-06-2010 22:41
General ChatUS players?Turrican21-05-2010 16:47
General ChatBash BloopersTurrican20-12-2012 18:34
General ChatBash BloopersTurrican20-12-2012 17:07
General ChatLast Night's Bash (19/11/2009)Turrican20-11-2009 22:45
General ChatDear Footpad,Turrican20-10-2014 09:52
General ChatBash Report 15/09/2011+Turrican20-09-2011 14:19
General ChatBash Report 18/08/2011+Turrican20-08-2011 09:58
General ChatHiyaTurrican20-06-2010 19:03
General ChatHiyaTurrican20-06-2010 00:30
General ChatEvent IdeasTurrican20-05-2013 10:18
General ChatBash BloopersTurrican20-01-2013 16:05
General ChatDear Footpad,Turrican19-10-2014 12:49
MUD2 ClientsSpecifications for MUD2 FE codesTurrican19-10-2013 07:31
General ChatiPadTurrican19-09-2013 16:48
General ChatLast Night's Bash (17/09)Turrican19-09-2009 15:06
General ChatRace event 18/07/2013Turrican19-07-2013 09:07
General ChatThe End Of A Era...Turrican19-06-2012 21:36
General ChatThe End Of A Era...Turrican19-06-2012 16:45
General ChatHiyaTurrican19-06-2010 21:35
General ChatLast Night's Bash (18/02/10)Turrican19-02-2010 16:28
General ChatBash BloopersTurrican19-01-2013 22:00
General ChatMudmeet 14/12/13Turrican18-12-2013 11:56
General ChatBash - What Bash 17th October 2013 -Turrican18-10-2013 19:51
General ChatWhat I've Learned in MudiiTurrican18-10-2013 19:39
General ChatWhat I've Learned in MudiiTurrican18-10-2013 09:35
General ChatLast Night's Bash (17/09)Turrican18-09-2009 19:42
General ChatAnyone out there?!Turrican18-08-2009 23:31
General ChatFootball Joke (yes I know, I'm sorry).Turrican18-06-2012 20:06
General ChatBash / Quest report 15/5/14Turrican18-05-2014 21:18
General Technical QuestionsA couple of MUDDLE questions...Turrican18-05-2012 21:36
General ChatDragon problems.Turrican18-04-2013 01:36
General ChatLast Night's bash (15/04/10)Turrican18-04-2010 18:21
General Chatspot the typo :)Turrican18-03-2010 19:30
General ChatChristmasTurrican17-12-2009 13:11
Films, TV and MusicThe Hunger GamesTurrican17-11-2014 08:52
General ChatHintsTurrican17-11-2012 15:23
General ChatMistakes I made last set...Turrican17-11-2009 15:38
General ChatThursday (Post ideas here please)Turrican17-10-2009 00:28
General ChatWizrunningTurrican17-10-2009 00:17
General ChatBash Report 16/06/2011-Turrican17-06-2011 23:25
General ChatThursday's bash (14/01/10)Turrican17-01-2010 20:40
House NewsWOTBTurrican16-11-2013 10:08
MUD2 ClientsSpecifications for MUD2 FE codesTurrican16-10-2013 07:51
General ChatLast Night's bash (16/10/09)Turrican16-10-2009 23:52
General ChatBash 04/07/2013+ A brief note.Turrican16-07-2013 09:34
General ChatCan anyone explain this?Turrican16-07-2013 09:33
General ChatBash 13/06/1913+Turrican16-06-2013 09:47
General ChatBash / Quest report 15/5/14Turrican16-05-2014 20:42
General ChatBash Report 12/05/2011-Turrican16-05-2011 10:57
General ChatImportant AnnouncementTurrican16-04-2013 23:11
General ChatLast Night's bash (15/04/10)Turrican16-04-2010 16:28
General ChatThursday's bash (14/01/10)Turrican16-01-2010 21:13
General ChatThursday's bash (14/01/10)Turrican16-01-2010 16:35
General ChatThe End of the World!!Turrican15-12-2012 13:28
General ChatWizrunningTurrican15-10-2009 20:24
Films, TV and MusicIn two millenia, we have learned what?Turrican15-09-2014 10:13
General ChatBash report for 10/9/2009Turrican15-09-2009 13:12
General ChatBash 04/07/2013+ A brief note.Turrican15-07-2013 08:11
General ChatAnniversaryTurrican15-07-2010 19:01
General ChatAnniversaryTurrican15-07-2010 14:34
General ChatTrouble at t'millTurrican15-06-2011 22:49
General ChatTrouble at t'millTurrican15-06-2011 22:29
General ChatBash Report 12/05/2011-Turrican15-05-2011 19:36
General ChatI Blame the PlinthTurrican14-12-2014 21:55
General ChatI Blame the PlinthTurrican14-12-2014 19:13
General ChatHintsTurrican14-11-2012 08:54
General ChatBash Report 08/11/2012-Turrican14-11-2012 08:52
General ChatPlaying MUDTurrican14-11-2011 09:35
General ChatBash 13.10.11 +Turrican14-10-2011 18:18
General ChatWizrunningTurrican14-10-2009 14:55
General ChatBash report for 10/9/2009Turrican14-09-2009 12:04
General ChatQuestTurrican14-08-2009 17:35
General ChatTrouble at t'millTurrican14-06-2011 22:31
General ChatGiant Bash 8/5/2014+Turrican14-05-2014 19:44
Game SuggestionsNew VersionTurrican14-05-2012 08:08
General ChatRants NeededTurrican14-04-2013 22:11
General ChatImportant AnnouncementTurrican14-04-2013 15:45
General ChatImportant AnnouncementTurrican14-04-2013 11:45
General ChatMuddled Times - Oct 2009Turrican14-02-2012 20:16
General ChatHouses gone?!Turrican14-02-2012 19:54
General ChatThursday's Bash {10/12/09)Turrican13-12-2009 12:40

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